How Do You Spell REEL?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈiːl] (IPA)

The word "reel" is spelled with the letters R-E-E-L. Its phonetic transcription is /riːl/. The first sound is the long "e" sound, represented by the letter "e" in the spelling, and pronounced as /iː/. The second sound is the letter "l", pronounced as /l/. "Reel" can refer to a spool or cylinder used for winding or storing thread, wire, or film. It can also mean to stagger or wobble, as in "he was reeling after the blow."

REEL Meaning and Definition

  1. Reel can be defined as both a noun and a verb, having multiple meanings in each category. As a noun, a reel refers to a spool or a cylindrical object around which something, such as thread, wire, or fishing line, can be wound. This type of reel is commonly used to store and dispense various materials, making it a practical tool used in a wide range of activities. Additionally, a reel can refer to a rotational device attached to a machine or piece of equipment that controls the movement or tension of a certain component. For instance, in a movie projector, the reel is responsible for holding the film.

    As a verb, to reel refers to the actions of swaying, staggering, or staggering in a unsteady manner. This movement often occurs as a result of dizziness, shock, or disorientation. To reel can also mean to slowly and gradually wind or unwind something from a reel, typically in a controlled manner. For example, when fishing, one might reel in the line to retrieve the catch. In a figurative sense, reeling can represent the emotional or mental state of being overwhelmed or shocked by a sudden event or revelation.

    Overall, the term "reel" encompasses the concepts of winding or unwinding, storing or dispensing, controlling movement or tension, swaying or staggering, and being overwhelmed or shocked, depending on the context in which it is used.

  2. • To move unsteadily like a drunken man.
    • In Scot.,a dance in which three or four dancers in a row twist in and out and round each other.
    • A frame turning on an axis on which yarn, thread, &c., are wound.
    • To gather yarn off the spin-lie.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of REEL

The word "reel" has a complex etymology and has evolved over time.

It originated from the Old English word "hrēol", which referred to a wheel or a device for winding. This word further derived from the Proto-Germanic word "hrēulaz" and ultimately from the Proto-Indo-European root *kru-ro-, meaning "to torment" or "to twist".

In Middle English, the spelling of "reel" changed to "reile" and subsequently to "reule" in the 14th century. Around the 16th century, the spelling "reel" became more common. It acquired various meanings related to twisting, turning, or rotating.

In the fishing context, "reel" first appeared in the early 17th century and referred to a spindle or a revolving cylinder used for winding a fishing line or cord.

Idioms with the word REEL

  • reel under sth The idiom "reel under sth" means to be overwhelmed or deeply affected by a certain situation or circumstance. It implies feeling stunned, shocked, or struggling to cope with a particular event or its consequences.
  • reel in The idiom "reel in" means to draw or attract someone or something, often by using persuasion, charm, or a strategy to get them to come closer, follow, or be influenced. It can also refer to pulling in or capturing something, as when fishing with a reel, or gaining control over a situation or person.
  • reel in sb/sth The idiom "reel in sb/sth" means to attract, persuade, or capture someone or something, often by using some sort of skill, strategy, or allure. It is commonly used in a figurative sense, especially in situations where one wants to entice or gain control over someone or something.
  • (right) off the reel The idiom "(right) off the reel" means to happen immediately or without delay, typically referring to a series of events or actions occurring one after another in quick succession. It suggests a rapid or consecutive occurrence of something.
  • reel off To "reel off" means to speak, recite, or produce something rapidly and without effort. It suggests a fluent and uninterrupted flow of words or details.
  • reel back The idiom "reel back" refers to an abrupt or shocked physical or emotional reaction, wherein one draws back or flinches involuntarily. It can be used to describe someone's response to a surprising or shocking event, statement, or situation.
  • reel back (from sth) The idiom "reel back (from something)" means to react or respond to something with shock, surprise, or disbelief. It refers to the physical movement of rapidly moving backward, as if being startled or taken aback. It implies being caught off guard or needing to take a moment to collect oneself after encountering something unexpected or difficult to comprehend.
  • reel out The idiom "reel out" means to rapidly or swiftly release something, such as a length of rope, wire, or tape, by unwinding it from a reel or spool. Figuratively, it can also be used to describe the act of narrating or recounting something in a continuous and uninterrupted manner.
  • reel sth in The idiom "reel something in" means to attract or bring something closer, usually by exerting effort or using persuasive tactics. It is often used metaphorically, drawing from the action of reeling in a fishing line to catch a fish.
  • reel off sth The idiom "reel off something" means to recite or speak quickly and fluently without hesitation or effort. It is often used when someone effortlessly lists or recites a series of things in a rapid manner.

Similar spelling words for REEL

Plural form of REEL is REELS

Conjugate verb Reel


I would have reeled
you would have reeled
he/she/it would have reeled
we would have reeled
they would have reeled
I would have reel
you would have reel
he/she/it would have reel
we would have reel
they would have reel


I would have been reeling
you would have been reeling
he/she/it would have been reeling
we would have been reeling
they would have been reeling


I would reel
you would reel
he/she/it would reel
we would reel
they would reel


I would be reeling
you would be reeling
he/she/it would be reeling
we would be reeling
they would be reeling


I will reel
you will reel
he/she/it will reel
we will reel
they will reel


I will be reeling
you will be reeling
he/she/it will be reeling
we will be reeling
they will be reeling


I will have reeled
you will have reeled
he/she/it will have reeled
we will have reeled
they will have reeled


I will have been reeling
you will have been reeling
he/she/it will have been reeling
we will have been reeling
they will have been reeling


you reel
we let´s reel


to reel


I was reeling
you were reeling
he/she/it was reeling
we were reeling
they were reeling




I had reeled
you had reeled
he/she/it had reeled
we had reeled
they had reeled


I had been reeling
you had been reeling
he/she/it had been reeling
we had been reeling
they had been reeling


I reel
you reel
he/she/it reels
we reel
they reel


I am reeling
you are reeling
he/she/it is reeling
we are reeling
they are reeling




I have reeled
you have reeled
he/she/it has reeled
we have reeled
they have reeled


I have been reeling
you have been reeling
he/she/it has been reeling
we have been reeling
they have been reeling


he/she/it reel


I reeled
you reeled
he/she/it reeled
we reeled
they reeled


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