How Do You Spell REGLA?

The Spanish word "regla" is spelled with a "g" and not a "j" as some may assume. The correct pronunciation of "regla" is /ˈre.ɡla/, which sounds like "reh-gla" in English. The letter "g" in Spanish is pronounced as a soft “h” sound when it comes before the vowels e and i. This is why it is important to spell words correctly to ensure proper pronunciation and comprehension.

Common Misspellings for REGLA

  • begla
  • 5egla
  • 4egla
  • rsgla
  • rdgla
  • rrgla
  • r4gla
  • r3gla
  • revla
  • reyla
  • reglz
  • reglq
  • eregla
  • reegla
  • dregla
  • rdegla
  • fregla
  • rfegla
  • tregla
  • rtegla

29 words made out of letters REGLA

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4 letters

5 letters


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