How Do You Spell RELIVING?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪlˈɪvɪŋ] (IPA)

"Reliving" is spelt with an 'i' after the prefix 're-', which means 'again'. The stress is on the second syllable, which is pronounced as "li-v-ing". The 'i' in the second syllable makes a long /iː/ sound and is followed by a 'v' and an 'ing' ending. The word means to experience or live through a past event again as if it was happening in the present. Its correct spelling is important for effective communication in both writing and speech.

RELIVING Meaning and Definition

  1. Reliving, as a verb, refers to the act of experiencing or recalling past events or situations in a vivid and detailed manner. It involves mentally or emotionally re-experiencing an event or situation as if it were happening again in the present moment. The process of reliving often includes bringing back the same thoughts, emotions, and sensations that were experienced during the initial encounter.

    This term is commonly used when individuals consciously or unconsciously revisit past memories, moments, or experiences. It may occur voluntarily, such as when intentionally reflecting on a joyful or traumatic event, or involuntarily, when a certain sensory stimulus triggers a vivid recollection. Reliving can be a powerful and intense experience, allowing individuals to mentally transport themselves back in time and have a heightened sense of immersion in the event.

    Reliving can serve various purposes, including processing and making sense of past events, learning from previous experiences, or simply indulging in nostalgia. It can be a form of self-reflection, providing individuals with insights into their emotions and behaviors. At times, reliving can also lead to rumination, wherein individuals repeatedly dwell on negative or distressing memories, potentially exacerbating negative emotions or anxiety.

    Overall, reliving is a mechanism through which individuals connect with their personal history and navigate the complex interplay between past, present, and future in their lives.

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Etymology of RELIVING

The word "reliving" is derived from the combination of the prefix "re-" which means "again" or "back" and the verb "live". The word "live" itself is derived from the Old English word "līfan" which meant "to be alive" or "to have life". So, "reliving" essentially means "living again" or "experiencing something again".

Conjugate verb Reliving


I would relive
we would relive
you would relive
he/she/it would relive
they would relive


I will relive
we will relive
you will relive
he/she/it will relive
they will relive


I will have relived
we will have relived
you will have relived
he/she/it will have relived
they will have relived


I relived
we relived
you relived
he/she/it relived
they relived


I had relived
we had relived
you had relived
he/she/it had relived
they had relived


I relive
we relive
you relive
he/she/it relives
they relive


I have relived
we have relived
you have relived
he/she/it has relived
they have relived
I am reliving
we are reliving
you are reliving
he/she/it is reliving
they are reliving
I was reliving
we were reliving
you were reliving
he/she/it was reliving
they were reliving
I will be reliving
we will be reliving
you will be reliving
he/she/it will be reliving
they will be reliving
I have been reliving
we have been reliving
you have been reliving
he/she/it has been reliving
they have been reliving
I had been reliving
we had been reliving
you had been reliving
he/she/it had been reliving
they had been reliving
I will have been reliving
we will have been reliving
you will have been reliving
he/she/it will have been reliving
they will have been reliving
I would have relived
we would have relived
you would have relived
he/she/it would have relived
they would have relived
I would be reliving
we would be reliving
you would be reliving
he/she/it would be reliving
they would be reliving
I would have been reliving
we would have been reliving
you would have been reliving
he/she/it would have been reliving
they would have been reliving


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