How Do You Spell REMAINS?

Correct spelling for the English word "remains" is [ɹ_ɪ_m_ˈeɪ_n_z], [ɹɪmˈe͡ɪnz], [ɹɪmˈe‍ɪnz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for REMAINS

Below is the list of 378 misspellings for the word "remains".

Similar spelling words for REMAINS

Definition of REMAINS

  1. That which is left behind; a corpse; skeleton; an author's posthumous works.

Anagrams of REMAINS

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Usage Examples for REMAINS

  1. It remains long alive when hung up in a room. - "Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure" by William Thomas Fernie
  2. " There's only one thing remains to be done," said Herbert. - "Herbert Carter's Legacy" by Horatio Alger
  3. Remains to be seen. - "The Spinners" by Eden Phillpotts
  4. They made their way into the woods and soon came upon the remains of the fire behind the rock. - "Spotted Deer" by Elmer Gregor
  5. It will be rather funny if some day of all the things we have done nothing remains but the blue roll- book. - "The Loom of Youth" by Alec Waugh

Conjugate verb Remains


I would remain
we would remain
you would remain
he/she/it would remain
they would remain


I will remain
we will remain
you will remain
he/she/it will remain
they will remain


I will have remained
we will have remained
you will have remained
he/she/it will have remained
they will have remained


I remained
we remained
you remained
he/she/it remained
they remained


I had remained
we had remained
you had remained
he/she/it had remained
they had remained


I remain
we remain
you remain
he/she/it remains
they remain


I have remained
we have remained
you have remained
he/she/it has remained
they have remained
I am remaining
we are remaining
you are remaining
he/she/it is remaining
they are remaining
I was remaining
we were remaining
you were remaining
he/she/it was remaining
they were remaining
I will be remaining
we will be remaining
you will be remaining
he/she/it will be remaining
they will be remaining
I have been remaining
we have been remaining
you have been remaining
he/she/it has been remaining
they have been remaining
I had been remaining
we had been remaining
you had been remaining
he/she/it had been remaining
they had been remaining
I will have been remaining
we will have been remaining
you will have been remaining
he/she/it will have been remaining
they will have been remaining
I would have remained
we would have remained
you would have remained
he/she/it would have remained
they would have remained
I would be remaining
we would be remaining
you would be remaining
he/she/it would be remaining
they would be remaining
I would have been remaining
we would have been remaining
you would have been remaining
he/she/it would have been remaining
they would have been remaining