How Do You Spell RENTE?

In the German language, the word "rente" is often used to refer to a pension or annuity. The spelling of this word follows a simple phonetic pattern. The letter "r" is pronounced as a soft "r," while the vowel "e" is pronounced as an unstressed schwa vowel, represented in IPA transcription as /ə/. Therefore, the correct pronunciation of "rente" should be transcribed using the IPA symbol /ˈrɛntə/. Paying attention to the IPA transcription can help ensure accurate pronunciation of this important German word.

Common Misspellings for RENTE

  • eente
  • 5ente
  • 4ente
  • rwnte
  • rsnte
  • rdnte
  • rrnte
  • r4nte
  • r3nte
  • rejte
  • rehte
  • renre
  • renfe
  • renye
  • ren6e
  • ren5e
  • rentw
  • rents
  • rentd

Similar spelling words for RENTE

Plural form of RENTE is RENTES

28 words made out of letters RENTE

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4 letters

5 letters


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