How Do You Spell RENTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "rents" is [ɹˈɛnts], [ɹˈɛnts], [ɹ_ˈɛ_n_t_s]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for RENTS

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Anagrams of RENTS

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Usage Examples for RENTS

  1. The door that closed it still hung upon its hinges, and in the lower chamber, at least, there were no rents in the wall save the window holes, narrow slits in the outside, but widening inward through the thickness of the walls. - "Princess Maritza" by Percy Brebner
  2. Ere long I may get in some rents-" " And in the meanwhile are we to stay in this plight- to beg for charity?" - "A Set of Rogues" by Frank Barrett

Conjugate verb Rents


I would rent
we would rent
you would rent
he/she/it would rent
they would rent


I will rent
we will rent
you will rent
he/she/it will rent
they will rent


I will have rented
we will have rented
you will have rented
he/she/it will have rented
they will have rented


I rented
we rented
you rented
he/she/it rented
they rented


I had rented
we had rented
you had rented
he/she/it had rented
they had rented


I rent
we rent
you rent
he/she/it rents
they rent


I have rented
we have rented
you have rented
he/she/it has rented
they have rented
I am renting
we are renting
you are renting
he/she/it is renting
they are renting
I was renting
we were renting
you were renting
he/she/it was renting
they were renting
I will be renting
we will be renting
you will be renting
he/she/it will be renting
they will be renting
I have been renting
we have been renting
you have been renting
he/she/it has been renting
they have been renting
I had been renting
we had been renting
you had been renting
he/she/it had been renting
they had been renting
I will have been renting
we will have been renting
you will have been renting
he/she/it will have been renting
they will have been renting
I would have rented
we would have rented
you would have rented
he/she/it would have rented
they would have rented
I would be renting
we would be renting
you would be renting
he/she/it would be renting
they would be renting
I would have been renting
we would have been renting
you would have been renting
he/she/it would have been renting
they would have been renting