How Do You Spell REOPENS?

Correct spelling for the English word "reopens" is [ɹ_ɪ__ˈəʊ_p_ə_n_z], [ɹɪˈə͡ʊpənz], [ɹɪˈə‍ʊpənz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for REOPENS

Below is the list of 81 misspellings for the word "reopens".

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Anagrams of REOPENS

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Usage Examples for REOPENS

  1. Saxham reopens the door, at which the nurse, now returned, has knocked. - "The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
  2. As soon as the Archangel reopens you must take rooms and enjoy yourself as usual. - "The Higher Court" by Mary Stewart Daggett

Conjugate verb Reopens


I would reopen
we would reopen
you would reopen
he/she/it would reopen
they would reopen


I will reopen
we will reopen
you will reopen
he/she/it will reopen
they will reopen


I will have reopened
we will have reopened
you will have reopened
he/she/it will have reopened
they will have reopened


I reopened
we reopened
you reopened
he/she/it reopened
they reopened


I had reopened
we had reopened
you had reopened
he/she/it had reopened
they had reopened


I reopen
we reopen
you reopen
he/she/it reopens
they reopen


I have reopened
we have reopened
you have reopened
he/she/it has reopened
they have reopened
I am reopening
we are reopening
you are reopening
he/she/it is reopening
they are reopening
I was reopening
we were reopening
you were reopening
he/she/it was reopening
they were reopening
I will be reopening
we will be reopening
you will be reopening
he/she/it will be reopening
they will be reopening
I have been reopening
we have been reopening
you have been reopening
he/she/it has been reopening
they have been reopening
I had been reopening
we had been reopening
you had been reopening
he/she/it had been reopening
they had been reopening
I will have been reopening
we will have been reopening
you will have been reopening
he/she/it will have been reopening
they will have been reopening
I would have reopened
we would have reopened
you would have reopened
he/she/it would have reopened
they would have reopened
I would be reopening
we would be reopening
you would be reopening
he/she/it would be reopening
they would be reopening
I would have been reopening
we would have been reopening
you would have been reopening
he/she/it would have been reopening
they would have been reopening