How Do You Spell REPOTS?

Correct spelling for the English word "repots" is [ɹɪpˈɒts], [ɹɪpˈɒts], [ɹ_ɪ_p_ˈɒ_t_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling word for REPOTS

59 words made out of letters REPOTS

4 letters

  • rest,
  • step,
  • pets,
  • tors,
  • sort,
  • tore,
  • eros,
  • rots,
  • ores,
  • pert,
  • rope,
  • reps,
  • pore,
  • sept,
  • pest,
  • tops,
  • pros,
  • repo,
  • pose,
  • rets,
  • pots,
  • poet,
  • stop,
  • toes,
  • sore,
  • epos,
  • rote,
  • spot,
  • esop,
  • port,
  • peso,
  • tope,
  • erst,
  • opts,
  • rose,
  • post.

5 letters

  • pores,
  • prose,
  • porte,
  • topes,
  • poets,
  • sport,
  • poser,
  • store,
  • ropes,
  • stoep,
  • stope,
  • strep,
  • estop,
  • repos,
  • trope,
  • toper,
  • spore,
  • ports,
  • repot,
  • strop.

6 letters

  • poster,
  • tropes,
  • presto.

Conjugate verb Repots


I would repot
we would repot
you would repot
he/she/it would repot
they would repot


I will repot
we will repot
you will repot
he/she/it will repot
they will repot


I will have repotted
we will have repotted
you will have repotted
he/she/it will have repotted
they will have repotted


I repotted
we repotted
you repotted
he/she/it repotted
they repotted


I had repotted
we had repotted
you had repotted
he/she/it had repotted
they had repotted


I repot
we repot
you repot
he/she/it repots
they repot


I have repotted
we have repotted
you have repotted
he/she/it has repotted
they have repotted
I am repotting
we are repotting
you are repotting
he/she/it is repotting
they are repotting
I was repotting
we were repotting
you were repotting
he/she/it was repotting
they were repotting
I will be repotting
we will be repotting
you will be repotting
he/she/it will be repotting
they will be repotting
I have been repotting
we have been repotting
you have been repotting
he/she/it has been repotting
they have been repotting
I had been repotting
we had been repotting
you had been repotting
he/she/it had been repotting
they had been repotting
I will have been repotting
we will have been repotting
you will have been repotting
he/she/it will have been repotting
they will have been repotting
I would have repotted
we would have repotted
you would have repotted
he/she/it would have repotted
they would have repotted
I would be repotting
we would be repotting
you would be repotting
he/she/it would be repotting
they would be repotting
I would have been repotting
we would have been repotting
you would have been repotting
he/she/it would have been repotting
they would have been repotting


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