How Do You Spell RETRO?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈɛtɹə͡ʊ] (IPA)

The word "retro" is spelled with five letters, beginning with the phonetic sound /r/. The second sound is the short "e" sound, represented by the symbol /ɛ/ in IPA. The third sound is the "t" sound, shown as /t/. The fourth sound is the "r" sound again, /r/. And the final sound is the long "o" sound, /oʊ/. In general, the word is pronounced as "reh-troh" with emphasis on the first syllable, though accents or dialects may vary.

RETRO Meaning and Definition

Retro is an adjective used to describe something that imitates or evokes the style, fashion, or design of the past, particularly from a previous era or period. The term originated from the French word "rétrograde," which means backward or behind, reflecting the notion of looking back or referencing the past.

In popular culture, retro often refers to a nostalgic or vintage aesthetic that pays homage to earlier times. This can encompass various aspects like clothing, music, furniture, technology, or even art. Retro items typically incorporate the distinctive characteristics and elements associated with specific eras, such as bold colors, geometric patterns, kitschy designs, or obsolete technology.

The appeal of retro lies in its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia, transporting individuals back to a particular period they may have fond memories of or find fascinating. It can also serve as a means of expressing individuality and celebrating personal interests or passions that are rooted in the past. This has led to the rise of retro-themed events, retro-inspired fashion trends, and the resurgence of vintage collectibles.

While retro often refers to imitating or referencing the past, it is important to note that true retro items are those that were produced during the era being emulated. Objects or designs created in current times, but in a retro style, are termed "retro-style" or "retro-inspired" rather than simply retro.

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Etymology of RETRO

The word "retro" has its origins in the Latin term "retro", which means "backward" or "backwards". It later made its way into the English language through French, where it became "rétro". The term "retro" began being used in English around the 1970s to refer to things that imitated or resembled styles, fashions, or designs from the past, particularly from the mid-20th century. It gained popularity in the context of retro fashion, retro design, or retro gaming, and has since become a widely used term in popular culture.

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Plural form of RETRO is RETROS


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