How Do You Spell RETS?

The spelling of the word "RETS" is unique and can be confusing for non-native English speakers. In IPA phonetic transcription, it is pronounced as /rɛts/. The "R" sound is followed by the "EH" vowel sound, then the "T" consonant sound, and finally the "S" consonant sound. The word is commonly used in hunting, as it means "to stop a hunting dog from chasing game." Despite its confusing spelling, it is an essential term in hunting and is widely understood among enthusiasts.

Common Misspellings for RETS

  • 5ets
  • r3ts
  • re6s
  • re5s
  • rdets
  • rtets
  • 5rets
  • r5ets
  • 4rets
  • r4ets
  • re4ts
  • r3ets
  • retgs
  • reyts
  • re6ts
  • ret6s
  • re5ts
  • ret5s
  • retzs
  • retsz
  • retxs
  • retds
  • retsd
  • retsw
  • r ets
  • ret s

19 words made out of letters RETS

2 letters

3 letters

4 letters

Conjugate verb Rets


I would ret
we would ret
you would ret
he/she/it would ret
they would ret


I will ret
we will ret
you will ret
he/she/it will ret
they will ret


I will have retted
we will have retted
you will have retted
he/she/it will have retted
they will have retted


I retted
we retted
you retted
he/she/it retted
they retted


I had retted
we had retted
you had retted
he/she/it had retted
they had retted


I ret
we ret
you ret
he/she/it rets
they ret


I have retted
we have retted
you have retted
he/she/it has retted
they have retted
I am retting
we are retting
you are retting
he/she/it is retting
they are retting
I was retting
we were retting
you were retting
he/she/it was retting
they were retting
I will be retting
we will be retting
you will be retting
he/she/it will be retting
they will be retting
I have been retting
we have been retting
you have been retting
he/she/it has been retting
they have been retting
I had been retting
we had been retting
you had been retting
he/she/it had been retting
they had been retting
I will have been retting
we will have been retting
you will have been retting
he/she/it will have been retting
they will have been retting
I would have retted
we would have retted
you would have retted
he/she/it would have retted
they would have retted
I would be retting
we would be retting
you would be retting
he/she/it would be retting
they would be retting
I would have been retting
we would have been retting
you would have been retting
he/she/it would have been retting
they would have been retting


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