Correct spelling for the English word "Reverencing" is [ɹ_ˈɛ_v_ɹ_ə_n_s_ɪ_ŋ], [ɹˈɛvɹənsɪŋ], [ɹˈɛvɹənsɪŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for REVERENCING

Below is the list of 19 misspellings for the word "reverencing".

Definition of REVERENCING

  1. of Reverence


11 letters

  • reverencing.

9 letters

Usage Examples for REVERENCING

  1. Now on the contrary discoursing upon the qualities of Commodus, Severus, Antonius, Caracalla, and Maximinus, you shall find them exceeding cruell, and ravinous, who to satisfie their soldiers, forbeare no kinde of injury that could be done upon the people; and all of them, except Severus, came to evill ends: for in Severus, there was such extraordinary valour, that while he held the soldiers his freinds, however the people were much burthend by him, he might alwayes reigne happily: for his valour rendred him so admirable in the souldiers and peoples sights; that these in a manner stood amazd and astonishd, and those others reverencing and honoring him. - "Machiavelli, Volume I The Art of War; and The Prince" by Niccolò Machiavelli
  2. Clem was not exactly the kind of girl to relinquish without good reason that public ceremony which is the dearest of all possible ceremonies to women least capable of reverencing its significance. - "The Nether World" by George Gissing

Conjugate verb Reverencing


I would reverence
we would reverence
you would reverence
he/she/it would reverence
they would reverence


I will reverence
we will reverence
you will reverence
he/she/it will reverence
they will reverence


I will have reverenced
we will have reverenced
you will have reverenced
he/she/it will have reverenced
they will have reverenced


I reverenced
we reverenced
you reverenced
he/she/it reverenced
they reverenced


I had reverenced
we had reverenced
you had reverenced
he/she/it had reverenced
they had reverenced


I reverence
we reverence
you reverence
he/she/it reverences
they reverence


I have reverenced
we have reverenced
you have reverenced
he/she/it has reverenced
they have reverenced
I am reverencing
we are reverencing
you are reverencing
he/she/it is reverencing
they are reverencing
I was reverencing
we were reverencing
you were reverencing
he/she/it was reverencing
they were reverencing
I will be reverencing
we will be reverencing
you will be reverencing
he/she/it will be reverencing
they will be reverencing
I have been reverencing
we have been reverencing
you have been reverencing
he/she/it has been reverencing
they have been reverencing
I had been reverencing
we had been reverencing
you had been reverencing
he/she/it had been reverencing
they had been reverencing
I will have been reverencing
we will have been reverencing
you will have been reverencing
he/she/it will have been reverencing
they will have been reverencing
I would have reverenced
we would have reverenced
you would have reverenced
he/she/it would have reverenced
they would have reverenced
I would be reverencing
we would be reverencing
you would be reverencing
he/she/it would be reverencing
they would be reverencing
I would have been reverencing
we would have been reverencing
you would have been reverencing
he/she/it would have been reverencing
they would have been reverencing