How Do You Spell REVI?

The word "revi" is a challenging one to spell, as its pronunciation is not immediately clear from its spelling. The IPA phonetic transcription for "revi" is /ˈrɛvi/, which breaks the word down into its individual sounds. The initial sound is a rolled /r/ followed by a short /ɛ/ vowel sound, then a /v/ sound, and ending with a long /i/ vowel sound. With its combination of consonants and vowels, "revi" can be a tricky word to spell correctly, but with practice it can become much easier.

Common Misspellings for REVI

  • revie
  • reive
  • reviw
  • revee
  • Reevi
  • revii
  • revoi
  • 5evi
  • r4vi
  • rev9
  • drevi
  • rfevi
  • 5revi
  • r5evi
  • 4revi
  • r4evi
  • rrevi
  • re4vi
  • r3evi
  • re3vi

13 words made out of letters REVI

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