How Do You Spell RIANT?

The spelling of the word "riant" is often confusing to English speakers because it includes a silent "t." However, understanding the IPA phonetic transcription can help clarify its pronunciation. The word is pronounced as /ˈriːənt/, with the emphasis on the first syllable. The "ian" combination makes the "ee" sound, while the silent "t" at the end signifies the word's French origin. "Riant" means cheerful or smiling and is commonly used in literature or poetic contexts.

Common Misspellings for RIANT

  • diant
  • 5iant
  • 4iant
  • ruant
  • rjant
  • rkant
  • roant
  • r9ant
  • r8ant
  • riznt
  • risnt
  • riwnt
  • riqnt
  • riabt
  • riamt
  • riajt
  • riaht
  • rianr
  • rianf

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