How Do You Spell RIGHT?

Correct spelling for the English word "right" is [ɹ_ˈaɪ_t], [ɹˈa͡ɪt], [ɹˈa‍ɪt]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for RIGHT

Below is the list of 289 misspellings for the word "right". Misspellings percentages are collected from over 510 000 spell check sessions on from Jan 2010 - Jun 2012.

Usage Examples for RIGHT

  1. Well that's all right I said - "Punch, or the London Charivari, May 6, 1914" by Various
  2. Are you right Eli - "The Birthright" by Joseph Hocking
  3. And your man's as good as dead right now - "Man of Many Minds" by E. Everett Evans
  4. Thee is right Sally - "Peggy Owen and Liberty" by Lucy Foster Madison
  5. That's all right said Farintosh - "The Firm of Girdlestone" by Arthur Conan Doyle