How Do You Spell RIP?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈɪp] (IPA)

The word "rip" is spelled with three letters: r, i, and p. The IPA phonetic transcription for "rip" is /rɪp/. The first sound is a voiced alveolar trill /r/, produced by vibrating the tongue against the alveolar ridge. The second sound is a short vowel /ɪ/, produced by lifting the front of the tongue and keeping the lips relaxed. The third sound is a voiceless bilabial stop /p/, produced by closing the lips and releasing a burst of air. Together, these sounds create the word we use to describe tearing or cutting something apart.

RIP Meaning and Definition

  1. Rip can be used as a noun or a verb in the English language. As a verb, "rip" typically means to tear or pull something apart forcefully using a quick, strong motion. This action may result in a split or a hole in the object being ripped. For instance, you can rip a piece of paper, fabric, or a paper bag by applying force to it. The verb "rip" can also be used figuratively to suggest damaging or rendering something useless, such as "ripping apart a friendship" or "ripping someone off" financially.

    As a noun, "rip" refers to a tear or split that has occurred in material due to forceful tearing. It can describe a ripped sheet of paper, a ripped seam in clothing, or a ripped piece of fabric. Additionally, "rip" can also serve as an abbreviation for "rest in peace," often used as a tribute to someone who has passed away.

    Furthermore, "rip" carries additional meanings in various contexts. In relation to digital media, "ripping" refers to the act of extracting audio or video content from a CD, DVD, or other formats to save it on a computer or other storage devices. In surfing, a "rip" can refer to a strong current or wave which is suitable for riding. R.I.P. can also be an acronym for "Routing Information Protocol," a protocol used in computer networking.

    Overall, the term "rip" encompasses the act of tearing or forcefully separating materials, while it also holds several specific and symbolic meanings depending on the particular domain of usage.

  2. • To separate the parts of a thing by cutting or tearing; to cut or tear open or off; to tear up for disclosure or alteration.
    • A place torn; a rent by part of a seam giving way.
    • Anything worthless or thoroughly vicious; a rip of a horse is a thin worn-out horse; a morally ill-conditioned person.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of RIP

The word "rip" has multiple etymological origins depending on the context in which it is used.

1. As a verb meaning to tear or cut violently:

The verb "rip" derives from the Old English verb "ripan", meaning to tear or pull apart violently. It is closely related to the Middle Dutch word "rippen" and the Old Norse word "rífa".

2. As a noun meaning a tear or cut:

The noun form of "rip" is derived from the verb sense mentioned above. This usage emerged in the late 16th century as a shortened form of "ripping", which referred to a tear or a slash.

3. As a verb meaning to copy or extract data:

In the context of digital media piracy, "rip" has its roots in the abbreviation of "rip off", which originated in the 1960s.

Idioms with the word RIP

  • rip sth up The idiom "rip something up" typically means to tear or destroy something, especially a document or paper, into pieces. It can also be used metaphorically to convey the act of discarding or eliminating something completely or forcefully.
  • rip sth in half The idiom "rip sth in half" means to tear or divide something into two equal parts forcefully and aggressively. It implies a significant and forceful action, often associated with exerting physical strength or anger.
  • rip sth down The idiom "rip sth down" typically refers to the act of forcefully tearing or dismantling something, such as a building, structure, or object. It implies a sense of aggression or destruction in removing or demolishing whatever is being ripped down.
  • don’t give a rip The idiom "don't give a rip" means to not care at all about something or someone. It denotes a lack of interest, concern, or regard.
  • rip sb off The idiom "rip sb off" means to deceive or cheat someone by charging them an excessively high price for goods or services, or by providing low-quality products or dishonest deals. It implies taking advantage of someone's trust or lack of knowledge for personal gain.
  • rip sm off The idiom "rip someone off" means to deceive or cheat someone, typically by charging them too much money for something or providing a lower quality of goods or services than what was promised. It implies taking advantage of someone's trust or lack of knowledge in a transaction or business dealing.
  • let rip/fly The idiom "let rip/fly" means to release or express one's emotions, thoughts, or actions freely and forcefully, often without holding back or considering the consequences. It implies behaving or speaking without restraint or inhibition.
  • let something rip The idiom "let something rip" is an informal expression that means to allow something to proceed or happen without interference or inhibition. It often implies giving free rein to an action, activity, or event, allowing it to unfold naturally or intensely.
  • let rip The idiom "let rip" means to unleash or release something with great force, energy, or intensity, usually referring to emotions, actions, or speech. It can also imply allowing something or someone to proceed without restrictions or inhibitions.
  • rip sth away (from sth) The idiom "rip something away (from something)" means to forcefully or abruptly separate or remove something from its original position or context. It often implies a sudden or violent action that results in the detachment or displacement of something. This idiom is typically used to describe situations where something is forcefully taken, torn, or forcefully detached from another object or person.
  • tear/rip somebody limb from limb The idiom "tear/rip somebody limb from limb" means to physically attack someone in a brutal and extremely violent manner, often resulting in completely severing their limbs or causing severe bodily harm. It can also be used metaphorically to describe verbally or emotionally destroying someone through harsh criticism or extreme hostility.
  • let it/her rip The idiom "let it/her rip" means to allow something to happen without any inhibition or restraint. It is often used to encourage someone to proceed vigorously or without hesitation.
  • rip somebody/something apart/to shreds/to bits, etc. The idiom "rip somebody/something apart/to shreds/to bits, etc." means to criticize, attack, or reject someone or something harshly and thoroughly. It implies a vigorous, forceful, or severe dismantling or destruction of someone or something, often in a figurative sense rather than literal.
  • rip apart The idiom "rip apart" means to tear, break, or separate something violently or forcefully into pieces. It can also be used figuratively to describe the action of criticizing, condemning, or severely attacking someone or something.
  • rip off The idiom "rip off" means to overcharge or cheat someone by charging an excessive amount of money for something or providing an inferior product or service. It can also refer to stealing or plagiarizing someone's idea or work.
  • rip sm or sth to sth The definition of the idiom "rip someone or something to something" is to criticize, ridicule, or verbally attack someone or something severely or relentlessly. It implies tearing or shredding apart an object or a person metaphorically through harsh words or judgement.
  • tear/rip sb/sth to shreds The idiom "tear/rip sb/sth to shreds" means to criticize or attack someone or something mercilessly or vigorously. It implies vehemently and thoroughly criticizing someone or something, often resulting in destruction, both metaphorically and sometimes literally.
  • rip sth off The idiom "rip something off" means to quickly and forcefully remove or take something, often in a careless or illegitimate manner.
  • rip in half The idiom "rip in half" refers to an action of forcefully tearing or dividing something into two equal parts. It can be used metaphorically to describe a situation or relationship that is breaking apart or becoming irreparable.
  • let rip (at somebody) The idiom "let rip (at somebody)" means to vigorously criticize or verbally attack someone without restraint or holding anything back. It involves expressing one's anger, frustration, or disapproval towards someone openly and forcefully.
  • rip sm or sth apart The idiom "rip someone or something apart" means to criticize, attack, or strongly condemn someone or something in a severe manner. It can also refer to analyzing or examining something in a thorough and detailed way, often resulting in finding faults or flaws.
  • rip somebody/something apart/to shreds, bits, etc. The idiom "rip somebody/something apart/to shreds, bits, etc." means to criticize, judge, or analyze someone or something severely or harshly. It implies completely and aggressively dismantling or destroying someone's argument, work, or reputation. It can also refer to physically tearing something into multiple pieces or shreds.
  • rip away The idiom "rip away" typically means to forcefully or suddenly remove something or someone from a particular situation or place, often causing pain or disruption. It implies a forceful and abrupt action of tearing or pulling apart.
  • Let her rip! The idiom "Let her rip!" is often used as an exclamation encouraging someone to start or proceed with something energetically, forcefully, or without hesitation. It originated from the command given to unleash or ignite an engine, machinery, or any powerful instrument to its full potential.
  • rip into The idiom "rip into" means to criticize, scold, or berate someone or something strongly and aggressively. It implies expressing strong disapproval or reprimanding with great intensity or force.
  • (rip)off artist The idiom "(rip)off artist" refers to a person who uses deceit, skillful manipulation, or dishonest methods to take advantage of others financially. It describes someone who is adept at exploiting others for personal gain, typically by overcharging, providing poor quality products or services, or engaging in fraudulent activities.
  • rip on The idiom "rip on" typically means to criticize, mock, or make fun of someone or something, often in a harsh or insulting manner. It refers to expressing strong disapproval or contemptuous remarks towards the subject being "ripped on".
  • let one rip The idiom "let one rip" is a humorous and informal expression that means to release or emit flatulence (passing gas). It is often used in a playful or lighthearted manner.
  • rip sm or sth up The idiom "rip sm or sth up" refers to tearing, shredding, or destroying something completely or forcefully. It can be used metaphorically to describe actions such as criticizing or defeating someone or something decisively.
  • rip into sm or sth The idiom "rip into someone or something" typically means to criticize or scold someone or something in a harsh or forceful manner. It can refer to verbally attacking or judging someone, often with intense or angry language.
  • rip sth out of sm or sth "Rip something out of someone or something" is an idiom that means to forcefully remove or tear something from someone or something. It implies a quick, forceful action in which an object or part of it is forcefully separated or detached. This phrase is often used metaphorically to describe the act of forcefully taking away something, such as an idea, a possession, or a quality, from someone or something.
  • let it rip The idiom "let it rip" means to allow something to happen or unfold freely and without restraint. It often implies giving full rein or freedom for something to take place or progress vigorously. It is frequently used to encourage or grant permission for an action or activity to occur without inhibition or holding back.
  • rip sth off (of) sm or sth The idiom "rip sth off (of) sm or sth" refers to the act of forcefully removing or taking something from someone or something, often in a quick and aggressive manner. It can be used figuratively to describe the act of copying or imitating something or someone without giving proper credit or recognition.
  • rip the heart out of (something) The idiom "rip the heart out of (something)" typically means to completely destroy or devastate something, often a situation, a project, or an organization, by removing its vital or essential element. It implies a severe and irreversible impact or damage, leaving it lifeless or ineffective.
  • tear/rip the heart out of something The idiom "tear/rip the heart out of something" typically means to completely destroy or remove the most vital or essential part of something, resulting in its severe detriment or crippling its core purpose or meaning. It implies an act of extreme damage or devastation, often leaving the remaining elements of the thing significantly weakened or meaningless.
  • rip on sm
  • (rip-)off artist A (rip-)off artist is someone who deceives or swindles others, typically by charging excessive prices or selling inferior quality products or services. This term is often used to describe a person who engages in dishonest or unethical practices in order to make a profit.
  • rip/tear the heart out of something The idiom "rip/tear the heart out of something" means to destroy or remove the most essential or vital part of something, causing irreparable damage or harm.

Similar spelling words for RIP

Plural form of RIP is RIPS

Conjugate verb Rip


I would have ripped
you would have ripped
he/she/it would have ripped
we would have ripped
they would have ripped
I would have rip
you would have rip
he/she/it would have rip
we would have rip
they would have rip


I would have been ripping
you would have been ripping
he/she/it would have been ripping
we would have been ripping
they would have been ripping


I would rip
you would rip
he/she/it would rip
we would rip
they would rip


I would be ripping
you would be ripping
he/she/it would be ripping
we would be ripping
they would be ripping


I will rip
you will rip
he/she/it will rip
we will rip
they will rip


I will be ripping
you will be ripping
he/she/it will be ripping
we will be ripping
they will be ripping


I will have ripped
you will have ripped
he/she/it will have ripped
we will have ripped
they will have ripped


I will have been ripping
you will have been ripping
he/she/it will have been ripping
we will have been ripping
they will have been ripping


you rip
we let´s rip


to rip


I was ripping
you were ripping
he/she/it was ripping
we were ripping
they were ripping




I had ripped
you had ripped
he/she/it had ripped
we had ripped
they had ripped


I had been ripping
you had been ripping
he/she/it had been ripping
we had been ripping
they had been ripping


I rip
you rip
he/she/it rips
we rip
they rip


I am ripping
you are ripping
he/she/it is ripping
we are ripping
they are ripping




I have ripped
you have ripped
he/she/it has ripped
we have ripped
they have ripped


I have been ripping
you have been ripping
he/she/it has been ripping
we have been ripping
they have been ripping


he/she/it rip


I ripped
you ripped
he/she/it ripped
we ripped
they ripped


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