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Pronunciation: [ɹˈa͡ɪp] (IPA)

The word "ripe" is spelled phonetically as /raɪp/. This word is used to describe a fruit or vegetable that is fully matured and ready to consume. It is a four-letter word with the vowel sound /aɪ/ in the first syllable and the consonant sound /p/ in the second syllable. This phonetic transcription helps learners to understand the correct pronunciation of the word, which is essential for effective communication. It is important to master the spelling of such basic terms to boost one's language skills.

RIPE Meaning and Definition

  1. Ripe is an adjective that describes the state of being fully developed or mature, especially in reference to fruits or crops. This condition indicates that the item is ready to be harvested, consumed, or used. When a fruit is ripe, it has reached the peak of its flavor, tenderness, or sweetness, making it desirable for consumption. In terms of crops or produce, their ripeness suggests that they have achieved their fullest potential, possessing the ideal characteristics for harvesting or use in various applications.

    This word is not limited only to fruits and crops. It can also describe an opportune or propitious moment when circumstances or conditions are deemed favorable or suitable for a particular action or outcome. It conveys the notion that the time is right or the conditions are perfect for a specific event, development, or decision.

    Furthermore, ripe can be used metaphorically to describe a person or thing that is ready or prepared for a particular purpose or opportunity. In this context, it implies that someone or something has acquired the necessary skills, experience, or qualities needed for a certain task or situation.

    Overall, ripe symbolizes the fullness of potential, readiness, and appropriateness, whether in reference to agriculture, timing, or personal attributes, encapsulating the idea of being at the peak stage of development or suitability.

  2. • Intoxicated.
    • Brought to perfection or maturity; mature; mellow; fit for use; ready; prepared.

    Etymological and pronouncing dictionary of the English language. By Stormonth, James, Phelp, P. H. Published 1874.

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Etymology of RIPE

The word "ripe" comes from the Old English word "rip", which originally meant "mature" or "fit for reaping" in a literal sense. It is believed to have derived from the Proto-Germanic word "ripaz". Over time, the meaning of "ripe" broadened to include the figurative sense of being fully developed or ready.

Idioms with the word RIPE

  • live to the (ripe old) age of sth The idiom "live to the (ripe old) age of something" refers to someone's lifespan or how long they live. It suggests that the person has reached a particular age, typically described as advanced or old, often in a positive or admirable way. The age mentioned is often seen as significant or a milestone for longevity, indicating that the person has lived a long and fulfilling life.
  • when the time is ripe "When the time is ripe" is an idiom that means the appropriate moment or when conditions are perfect for something to happen or be done. It suggests that a desired outcome or action will occur at the most suitable or advantageous time.
  • at/to a ripe old age The idiom "at/to a ripe old age" refers to living to an advanced age, typically beyond the average life expectancy for a particular population or generation. It implies that someone lived a long, fulfilling life and reached an age that is considered noteworthy or impressive.
  • ripe for The idiom "ripe for" means that something or someone is ready or prepared for a particular action, event, or situation. It implies that the conditions are favorable and the time is right for something to occur or for someone to take advantage of an opportunity.
  • the time is ripe The phrase "the time is ripe" means that a particular situation or opportunity is favorable and ready to be acted upon. It suggests that conditions are optimal for a certain action or event to take place successfully.
  • live to a ripe old age The idiom "live to a ripe old age" means to live a long and fulfilling life, usually characterized by good health, happiness, and wisdom, often reaching an advanced or elderly age.
  • like a ripe plum The idiom "like a ripe plum" means something that is easily obtained or taken advantage of because it is in a perfect condition or state. It refers to something that is vulnerable, desirable, or readily available for exploitation or benefit.
  • ripe old age The idiom "ripe old age" refers to someone reaching an advanced or elderly stage in life, usually in a healthy and fulfilled state. It expresses a sense of longevity, wisdom, and accomplishment associated with aging gracefully.
  • a/the ripe old age (of…) The idiom "a/the ripe old age (of…)" refers to someone reaching or living to a fairly advanced age, often suggesting admiration or surprise. It usually implies that the person has lived a long and fulfilled life.
  • time is ripe The idiom "time is ripe" means that the opportune moment has arrived for something to happen. It suggests that the conditions are perfect or optimal for a particular action or event. It implies that it is the right time to take advantage of an opportunity or to achieve a desired outcome.
  • ripe for sth The idiom "ripe for something" means that a situation or condition is ready or well-prepared for a particular event, action, or outcome. It suggests that the circumstances are favorable or opportune for something to happen or be introduced successfully.
  • be ripe for the picking The idiom "be ripe for the picking" means that something or someone is ready or easily accessible for exploitation, seizing an opportunity, or taking advantage of a situation. It suggests that the circumstances or conditions are favorable and offer an easy or straightforward opportunity for success or benefit.
  • Early ripe, early rotten,

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