How Do You Spell RO?

The word "ro" is spelled with just two letters, but its pronunciation can vary depending on the language and context. In English, "ro" is pronounced as /roʊ/, with a long vowel sound followed by a glide. In Japanese, the same spelling represents the hiragana character ろ, which is pronounced as /ɾo/. Interestingly, in some dialects of Spanish, "ro" can be pronounced as a trilled /r/, similar to the letter "rr". Despite its short spelling, "ro" can take on many different pronunciations!

Common Misspellings for RO

  • rnas e
  • r0
  • rfo
  • 5ro
  • r5o
  • 4ro
  • r4o
  • r0o
  • ro0
  • ro9
  • r o

Similar spelling words for RO

2 words made out of letters RO

2 letters


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