How Do You Spell ROB?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈɒb] (IPA)

The word "rob" is spelled with the letters R-O-B. The first sound in "rob" is the consonant /r/, which is pronounced by curling the tongue near the roof of the mouth. The second sound is the vowel /ɒ/, which is pronounced by rounding the lips and making a short, low sound. Finally, the last sound is the consonant /b/, pronounced by making a brief closure between the lips and exhaling air. Together, these sounds form the word "rob."

ROB Meaning and Definition

Rob is a verb that refers to the act of unlawfully taking someone else's property or possessions by force or threat. It involves forcefully depriving another person of their personal belongings, often accompanied by violence or intimidation. This criminal act is typically committed with the intention of obtaining monetary gain or material goods.

The act of robbing usually involves actions such as breaking into a property, forcibly opening safes or storage units, ransacking personal belongings, stealing valuables or cash, and sometimes causing physical harm or injury to the victim. It is important to note that robbery differentiates from theft in that it involves the use of force, threat, or coercion against the victim.

Robbery has been universally condemned by legal systems across the globe as a serious criminal offense. Penalties for robbery vary depending on the jurisdiction, the gravity of the crime, and the extent of harm caused to the victim. Punishments may range from fines and probation to imprisonment, and in some extreme cases, life sentences or even capital punishment in jurisdictions with the death penalty.

Overall, 'rob' represents the illegal and forcible act of taking someone else's possessions against their will, often with violence or intimidation, and is considered a serious crime subject to legal consequences.

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Etymology of ROB

The word "rob" comes from the Old French word "rober", meaning "to steal" or "to plunder". The Old French word is itself derived from the Frankish word "raubōn", meaning "to rob" or "to plunder". The Frankish word, in turn, originated from the Proto-Germanic word "raubōną", which means "to carry off by force" or "to plunder". This Proto-Germanic word has also given rise to related words in other Germanic languages, such as the Old English "rēafian" and the Old High German "roubōn". Ultimately, the etymology of "rob" can be traced back to the Indo-European root word "reup-", meaning "to snatch" or "to tear".

Idioms with the word ROB

  • rob Peter to pay Paul The idiom "rob Peter to pay Paul" means to solve one problem or settle a debt by creating another problem or debt, often by transferring resources or money from one party to another.
  • rob the cradle The idiom "rob the cradle" typically refers to when an older person enters into a romantic or sexual relationship with a much younger person, usually implying that the age difference is significant or notable. It implies that the older person is "robbing" or taking advantage of the younger person's innocence or inexperience.
  • rob sm of sth The idiom "rob someone of something" means to take or deprive someone of something valuable, usually through dishonest or unjust means. It implies the act of forcefully or unlawfully taking away possessions, opportunities, rights, or other benefits someone rightfully deserves or should have.
  • rob sm blind The idiom "rob someone blind" means to steal or take from someone an excessive or significant amount, often leaving the person with little or nothing. It suggests a thorough and complete theft, leaving the victim completely deprived or stripped of their belongings or resources.
  • rob somebody blind The idiom "rob somebody blind" means to steal from someone very overtly or to take advantage of them to a significant degree, often leaving the person completely devoid or bereft of something valuable or important. It typically implies that the act of stealing is done in a brazen or conspicuous manner.
  • rob blind The idiom "rob blind" means to steal everything from someone or something, especially to completely deplete their resources or valuables. It implies a thorough and often ruthless act of stealing until there is nothing left.
  • rob someone blind The idiom "rob someone blind" means to steal from someone without them realizing it, typically by taking a significant or substantial amount of their possessions or money. It implies that the act of theft is done in a bold, audacious, or skillful manner, leaving the victim completely unaware of what has transpired.

Similar spelling words for ROB

Conjugate verb Rob


I would have robbed
you would have robbed
he/she/it would have robbed
we would have robbed
they would have robbed
I would have rob
you would have rob
he/she/it would have rob
we would have rob
they would have rob


I would have been robbing
you would have been robbing
he/she/it would have been robbing
we would have been robbing
they would have been robbing


I would rob
you would rob
he/she/it would rob
we would rob
they would rob


I would be robbing
you would be robbing
he/she/it would be robbing
we would be robbing
they would be robbing


I will rob
you will rob
he/she/it will rob
we will rob
they will rob


I will be robbing
you will be robbing
he/she/it will be robbing
we will be robbing
they will be robbing


I will have robbed
you will have robbed
he/she/it will have robbed
we will have robbed
they will have robbed


I will have been robbing
you will have been robbing
he/she/it will have been robbing
we will have been robbing
they will have been robbing


you rob
we let´s rob


to rob


I was robbing
you were robbing
he/she/it was robbing
we were robbing
they were robbing




I had robbed
you had robbed
he/she/it had robbed
we had robbed
they had robbed


I had been robbing
you had been robbing
he/she/it had been robbing
we had been robbing
they had been robbing


I rob
you rob
he/she/it robs
we rob
they rob


I am robbing
you are robbing
he/she/it is robbing
we are robbing
they are robbing




I have robbed
you have robbed
he/she/it has robbed
we have robbed
they have robbed


I have been robbing
you have been robbing
he/she/it has been robbing
we have been robbing
they have been robbing


he/she/it rob


I robbed
you robbed
he/she/it robbed
we robbed
they robbed


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