How Do You Spell ROLLY-POLY?

Rolly-poly, also spelled as rolly polly, refers to a type of bug commonly found in the garden named Pillbug or Sowbug. It is spelled as /ˈrɒli ˈpəʊli/, with the stress on the first syllable. The word "rolly" is a variant of "roll" and "poly" is a derivative of the Greek word "polis," meaning "many." This word is used to describe the round, segmented body shape of the bug. This spelling is commonly accepted and recognized among English speakers.

Common Misspellings for ROLLY-POLY

  • rolly-poly
  • eolly-poly
  • dolly-poly
  • folly-poly
  • tolly-poly
  • 5olly-poly
  • 4olly-poly
  • rilly-poly
  • rklly-poly
  • rllly-poly
  • rplly-poly
  • r0lly-poly
  • r9lly-poly
  • rollt-poly
  • rollg-poly
  • rollh-poly
  • rollu-poly
  • roll7-poly
  • roll6-poly
  • rolly0poly

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