How Do You Spell RONCO?

The word "Ronco" is spelled with five letters: R-O-N-C-O. Its pronunciation can be represented using the International Phonetic Alphabet as /ˈrɒŋkəʊ/. The first sound, /r/, is a voiced alveolar trill, like the "rr" sound in Spanish. The second sound, /ɒ/, is the vowel sound in "lot" or "hot." The third sound, /ŋ/, is a velar nasal sound, like the "ng" sound in "sing." The fourth sound, /k/, is an unvoiced velar plosive, like the "k" sound in "skull." The final sound, /əʊ/, is the diphthong sound in "goat" or "boat."

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Plural form of RONCO is RONCOS

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