How Do You Spell ROO?

The spelling of the word "ROO" may seem odd to many English speakers, but it is widely used in Australian English. In the IPA phonetic transcription, "ROO" is written as /ru:/, with a long "oo" sound. This sound is an example of the Australian accent's tendency to lengthen certain vowel sounds, which distinguishes it from other English accents. "ROO" is a common shorthand for kangaroo in Australia, where the marsupial is a national symbol and a beloved part of the country's wildlife.

Common Misspellings for ROO

  • 5roo
  • r5oo
  • 4roo
  • r4oo
  • r0oo
  • ro0o
  • r9oo
  • ro9o
  • roo9
  • rroo
  • r oo
  • ro o

Plural form of ROO is ROOS

3 words made out of letters ROO

2 letters

3 letters


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