How Do You Spell ROTS?

The spelling of the word "rots" can be explained through its IPA phonetic transcription, which is /rɑts/. The initial "r" sound is pronounced with the tongue touching the roof of the mouth, while the "o" sound is pronounced with an open mouth and the tongue in the back. The "t" sounds at the end are pronounced with a release of air. This word can refer to plant matter breaking down or something decaying, and its spelling is important for proper communication and understanding in written language.

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Conjugate verb Rots


I would rot
we would rot
you would rot
he/she/it would rot
they would rot


I will rot
we will rot
you will rot
he/she/it will rot
they will rot


I will have rotted
we will have rotted
you will have rotted
he/she/it will have rotted
they will have rotted


I rotted
we rotted
you rotted
he/she/it rotted
they rotted


I had rotted
we had rotted
you had rotted
he/she/it had rotted
they had rotted


I rot
we rot
you rot
he/she/it rots
they rot


I have rotted
we have rotted
you have rotted
he/she/it has rotted
they have rotted
I am rotting
we are rotting
you are rotting
he/she/it is rotting
they are rotting
I was rotting
we were rotting
you were rotting
he/she/it was rotting
they were rotting
I will be rotting
we will be rotting
you will be rotting
he/she/it will be rotting
they will be rotting
I have been rotting
we have been rotting
you have been rotting
he/she/it has been rotting
they have been rotting
I had been rotting
we had been rotting
you had been rotting
he/she/it had been rotting
they had been rotting
I will have been rotting
we will have been rotting
you will have been rotting
he/she/it will have been rotting
they will have been rotting
I would have rotted
we would have rotted
you would have rotted
he/she/it would have rotted
they would have rotted
I would be rotting
we would be rotting
you would be rotting
he/she/it would be rotting
they would be rotting
I would have been rotting
we would have been rotting
you would have been rotting
he/she/it would have been rotting
they would have been rotting


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