How Do You Spell ROTTERDAM?

Rotterdam is a city located in the Netherlands, and its spelling might seem tricky to non-Dutch speakers. The IPA transcription is /ˈrɒtərdæm/, and it reveals the pronunciation of each letter. The first "o" is pronounced as an open sound like in "hot," followed by a schwa sound, which is like the second "o" in "potato." The double "t" in Rotterdam is pronounced as a harsh, aspirated sound. The word ends with an "em" sound, which is similar to the "am" sound in "crayon."

Common Misspellings for ROTTERDAM

  • marterdom
  • referdum
  • rottewrdam
  • notordom
  • eotterdam
  • dotterdam
  • fotterdam
  • totterdam
  • 5otterdam
  • 4otterdam
  • ritterdam
  • rktterdam
  • rltterdam
  • rptterdam
  • r0tterdam
  • r9tterdam
  • rorterdam
  • rofterdam
  • rogterdam

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