How Do You Spell ROTTERS?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈɒtəz] (IPA)

The word "rotters" is spelled with two syllables: /ˈrɒt.əz/. The first syllable "rot" is pronounced like "rock" but with a short "o" sound, and the second syllable "ters" rhymes with "hers". This word is a plural noun meaning "people who are dishonest or morally corrupt". It is important to note the double "t" in the spelling, as adding only one would change the pronunciation and the meaning of the word.

ROTTERS Meaning and Definition

  1. Rotters, in the context of informal British slang, refers to individuals who are considered to be dishonest, lazy, or immoral. The term is derived from the word "rot," which signifies decay, corruption, or moral degradation. Rotters are often perceived as people who engage in deceitful or lazy behavior without any regard for ethical principles or social norms.

    The term "rotters" can be used to describe individuals who are untrustworthy, unreliable, or generally unpleasant to be around. It is typically used in a pejorative manner to express disdain or disapproval towards someone's character or actions. Rotters often display a lack of integrity, honesty, or responsibility. They may engage in activities that are considered morally wrong or deceptive, such as cheating, lying, or manipulating others for personal gain.

    In British slang, the term "rotters" can also be extended to describe a group of people characterized by shared negative traits or perceived disreputable behavior. It can refer to a clique, gang, or community engaging in illicit activities or seen as the outcast of society.

    While the term "rotters" is primarily used in British slang and does not typically have a formal definition in mainstream dictionaries, its connotation remains consistent within informal contexts, depicting individuals who are considered dishonorable, lazy, or corrupted in their actions or behavior.

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Etymology of ROTTERS

The word "rotters" originated in British English and is a slang term that refers to unpleasant or contemptible individuals. The etymology of "rotters" is commonly believed to stem from the verb "to rot", meaning to decay or decompose. It is thought that the use of "rotter" as a derogatory term for someone originated in the early 19th century, likely as a metaphorical extension of the concept of decay. The term gained popularity and has since been used to describe people who are considered unpleasant, dishonest, or generally undesirable.

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