How Do You Spell RUGA?

The word "ruga" is spelled with the IPA phonetic transcription /ˈruːɡə/. The first sound, /r/, is a voiced alveolar trill, the second sound, /uː/, is a long vowel sound pronounced with rounded lips, and the third sound, /ɡ/, is a voiced velar stop. The final sound, /ə/, is a schwa sound pronounced with a relaxed tongue and lips. "Ruga" can mean many things depending on the context, but it commonly refers to a wrinkle in skin or fabric.

Common Misspellings for RUGA

  • euga
  • tuga
  • 5uga
  • 4uga
  • r7ga
  • rufa
  • ruva
  • ruha
  • ruya
  • ruta
  • rugz
  • rugs
  • rugw
  • rugq
  • reuga
  • rduga
  • rfuga
  • truga
  • rtuga

Similar spelling words for RUGA

Plural form of RUGA is RUGAE

23 words made out of letters RUGA

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