How Do You Spell RUKH?

Pronunciation: [ɹˈʌk] (IPA)

The spelling of the word "Rukh" can be explained using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) transcription. The word is pronounced as "rookh" with the symbol "ʊ" representing the "u" sound, and "kh" symbolizing the "k" sound in Russian, Persian, and Urdu. The word is commonly used to describe a huge mythical bird often found in Persian mythologies. The spelling of the word is derived from various Indo-European languages, including Sanskrit, and is frequently spelled differently, such as "Roc" or "Rukhs."

RUKH Meaning and Definition

  1. Rukh, also spelled as "roc", is a mythical, giant bird found in Middle Eastern folklore and mythology. The term originates from Arabic (ruḵḵ) and Persian (rūkh) languages. In folklore, the rukh is described as an enormous, predatory bird capable of carrying off and devouring elephants or whales. It is often portrayed as having a wingspan that stretches for miles.

    The rukh plays a prominent role in several tales, notably in "The Arabian Nights." These stories depict the rukh as a formidable creature, with its strength and colossal size making it a symbol of power and fear. Despite its fearsome nature, the rukh is often portrayed as wise and intelligent, with an ability to understand human speech.

    In addition to its mythical status, the rukh has left a significant mark on literature, art, and popular culture. Its representation has been featured in various paintings, sculptures, and writings throughout history. The concept of the rukh has also permeated into other forms of media, including modern fantasy literature and video games, where it often retains its reputation as a colossal, formidable bird.

    Overall, the rukh remains an enduring mythological creature, representing both awe-inspiring power and legendary wisdom in the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern folklore and imagination.

  2. A fabled monstrous bird in Arabian mythology.

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Common Misspellings for RUKH

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  • rouh
  • ruuh
  • rokh
  • eukh
  • dukh
  • fukh
  • tukh
  • 5ukh
  • 4ukh
  • rykh
  • rhkh
  • rjkh
  • r8kh
  • r7kh
  • rujh
  • rumh
  • ruoh
  • rukg
  • rukb

Etymology of RUKH

The word "Rukh" has its etymology in Persian and Urdu, which are both Indo-European languages. In Persian, the word is spelled as "Rukh" or "Rokh" (روخ) and means "face" or "appearance". In Urdu, it is derived from Persian and means a great bird of prey, often referring to the mythical bird known as the Roc or Ruhk. The term "Roc" comes from Arabic "Rukhkh" or "Rukh" (روخ), which in turn may have roots in Middle Persian or Avestan languages. The concept of the Roc bird originated in Arabian mythology and folklore and spread through Persian and Urdu literature, as well as in various other cultural and literary traditions.


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