How Do You Spell RUKN?

The word "rukn" is a term commonly used in Islamic culture to refer to one of the pillars of Islam, which is the performance of the ritual prayer. The correct spelling of this word is "rak'ah" in English, which is pronounced as /rɑːkʌ/ in IPA phonetic transcription. The apostrophe in the spelling indicates a glottal stop, a short pause in the pronunciation of the word. The proper pronunciation of this word is crucial for Muslims, as performing the right number of "rak'ahs" is crucial in accomplishing the prayer.

Common Misspellings for RUKN

  • runk
  • rakn
  • rucke
  • rugn
  • Runke
  • rukan
  • runkn
  • 5ukn
  • 4ukn
  • rykn
  • r8kn
  • r7kn
  • rukj
  • erukn
  • reukn
  • drukn
  • rdukn
  • frukn
  • rfukn
  • trukn

10 words made out of letters RUKN

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3 letters


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