How Do You Spell RULING?

Correct spelling for the English word "ruling" is [ɹˈuːlɪŋ], [ɹˈuːlɪŋ], [ɹ_ˈuː_l_ɪ_ŋ] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling word for RULING

Plural form of RULING is RULINGS

51 words made out of letters RULING

3 letters

  • gur,
  • lug,
  • lir,
  • ngu,
  • rug,
  • nil,
  • url,
  • nig,
  • urn,
  • rig,
  • run,
  • uni,
  • gui,
  • gnu,
  • gin,
  • lin,
  • gun.

4 letters

  • nuri,
  • ugni,
  • rugi,
  • grui,
  • rung,
  • guil,
  • lung,
  • guli,
  • inul,
  • ruin,
  • irun,
  • luri,
  • ulin,
  • girl,
  • ling,
  • iglu,
  • grin,
  • ugli,
  • luin,
  • ring.

5 letters

  • ilnur,
  • irgun,
  • rulin,
  • ngilu,
  • luing,
  • lurgi,
  • uring,
  • gurin,
  • gulin,
  • ringu,
  • lungi,
  • ruing,
  • unrig.

6 letters

  • luring.

Conjugate verb Ruling


I would rule
we would rule
you would rule
he/she/it would rule
they would rule


I will rule
we will rule
you will rule
he/she/it will rule
they will rule


I will have ruled
we will have ruled
you will have ruled
he/she/it will have ruled
they will have ruled


I ruled
we ruled
you ruled
he/she/it ruled
they ruled


I had ruled
we had ruled
you had ruled
he/she/it had ruled
they had ruled


I rule
we rule
you rule
he/she/it rules
they rule


I have ruled
we have ruled
you have ruled
he/she/it has ruled
they have ruled
I am ruling
we are ruling
you are ruling
he/she/it is ruling
they are ruling
I was ruling
we were ruling
you were ruling
he/she/it was ruling
they were ruling
I will be ruling
we will be ruling
you will be ruling
he/she/it will be ruling
they will be ruling
I have been ruling
we have been ruling
you have been ruling
he/she/it has been ruling
they have been ruling
I had been ruling
we had been ruling
you had been ruling
he/she/it had been ruling
they had been ruling
I will have been ruling
we will have been ruling
you will have been ruling
he/she/it will have been ruling
they will have been ruling
I would have ruled
we would have ruled
you would have ruled
he/she/it would have ruled
they would have ruled
I would be ruling
we would be ruling
you would be ruling
he/she/it would be ruling
they would be ruling
I would have been ruling
we would have been ruling
you would have been ruling
he/she/it would have been ruling
they would have been ruling


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