How Do You Spell SABOTAGED?

Pronunciation: [sˈabətˌɑːʒd] (IPA)

The word "sabotaged" is spelled with three syllables: /sæ-bə-taʒd/. The first syllable is pronounced with the short "a" sound, as in "cat", followed by a schwa sound in the second syllable. The third syllable is pronounced with a soft "g" sound and the French-influenced ending "-age". The word means to deliberately obstruct or destroy something, often for personal gain or as an act of sabotage. The proper spelling of this word is important in conveying its meaning accurately.

SABOTAGED Meaning and Definition

  1. Sabotaged is the past tense or past participle form of the verb "sabotage." To sabotage means to intentionally and maliciously undermine or disrupt the normal functioning or success of something, often for personal gain or to prevent the achievement of a particular goal. This act involves the deliberate destruction, damage, or obstruction of systems, processes, plans, or objects. Sabotage can occur in various contexts, such as in politics, warfare, business, or personal relationships.

    When something has been sabotaged, it implies that it has been deliberately tampered with to render it ineffective, dysfunctional, or unable to fulfill its intended purpose. This may involve actions like secretly altering components, introducing errors or faults, cutting off necessary resources or support, spreading false information, or manipulating circumstances to cause failure or harm.

    Sabotage can have serious consequences both on a small scale, like causing a project to fail or a device to malfunction, and on a larger scale, such as disrupting infrastructure, damaging economies, or affecting public safety. The motive behind sabotage can vary, ranging from personal vendettas or revenge to advancing a political or ideological agenda.

    In summary, "sabotaged" refers to the state when something has been intentionally damaged, undermined, or disrupted as a result of sabotage, with the intention of hindering its proper functioning or preventing its success.

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Etymology of SABOTAGED

The word sabotaged comes from the noun sabotage. Sabotage originated from the French word saboter, which means to clatter. However, the meaning evolved in the 19th century to refer to workers slowing down or obstructing production processes by throwing their wooden shoes (sabots) into machinery, causing damage and disruption. Over time, sabotage expanded to encompass any act of intentional damage or obstruction. The verb form sabotaged simply derived from the noun sabotage.

Similar spelling words for SABOTAGED

Conjugate verb Sabotaged


I would sabotage
we would sabotage
you would sabotage
he/she/it would sabotage
they would sabotage


I will sabotage
we will sabotage
you will sabotage
he/she/it will sabotage
they will sabotage


I will have sabotaged
we will have sabotaged
you will have sabotaged
he/she/it will have sabotaged
they will have sabotaged


I sabotaged
we sabotaged
you sabotaged
he/she/it sabotaged
they sabotaged


I had sabotaged
we had sabotaged
you had sabotaged
he/she/it had sabotaged
they had sabotaged


I sabotage
we sabotage
you sabotage
he/she/it sabotages
they sabotage


I have sabotaged
we have sabotaged
you have sabotaged
he/she/it has sabotaged
they have sabotaged
I am sabotaging
we are sabotaging
you are sabotaging
he/she/it is sabotaging
they are sabotaging
I was sabotaging
we were sabotaging
you were sabotaging
he/she/it was sabotaging
they were sabotaging
I will be sabotaging
we will be sabotaging
you will be sabotaging
he/she/it will be sabotaging
they will be sabotaging
I have been sabotaging
we have been sabotaging
you have been sabotaging
he/she/it has been sabotaging
they have been sabotaging
I had been sabotaging
we had been sabotaging
you had been sabotaging
he/she/it had been sabotaging
they had been sabotaging
I will have been sabotaging
we will have been sabotaging
you will have been sabotaging
he/she/it will have been sabotaging
they will have been sabotaging
I would have sabotaged
we would have sabotaged
you would have sabotaged
he/she/it would have sabotaged
they would have sabotaged
I would be sabotaging
we would be sabotaging
you would be sabotaging
he/she/it would be sabotaging
they would be sabotaging
I would have been sabotaging
we would have been sabotaging
you would have been sabotaging
he/she/it would have been sabotaging
they would have been sabotaging


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