How Do You Spell SABOTAGING?

Pronunciation: [sˈabətˌɑːʒɪŋ] (IPA)

The word "sabotaging" is spelled with two "g"s at the end, which can be confusing for many English learners. The reason behind this spelling is that the "g" is pronounced differently in this word than in words like "log" or "bag." In IPA phonetic transcription, the ending sound of the word is written as /ʒ/ (the "zh" sound), which requires the letter "g" to be doubled in order to signify this sound. So, don't let the spelling trip you up - remember that "sabotaging" is spelled with two "g"s to represent its unique pronunciation.

SABOTAGING Meaning and Definition

  1. Sabotaging is a verb that refers to the deliberate act of causing harm or disruption to something or someone's progress, success, or well-being. It involves actively subverting, undermining, or damaging a situation, system, relationship, or individual's efforts or achievements.

    The term originates from the word "sabot," which means a type of wooden shoe, typically worn by workers. According to the popular anecdote, workers during the Industrial Revolution would throw their shoes into machinery to obstruct or damage the factory production. This act served as a protest or a means to demand better working conditions or increased wages.

    In a broader sense, sabotaging can take various forms. It can include intentionally spreading false information or rumors to tarnish someone's reputation, intentionally causing errors or defects in a process or product to hinder its functionality or success, or actively interfering with plans, projects, or goals to prevent their accomplishment.

    Sabotaging can stem from different motives, such as personal grudges, envy, competition, revenge, or simply a desire to disrupt the efforts of others. It often involves secrecy and manipulation, as the sabotager may attempt to go unnoticed or disguise their actions, making it difficult to identify the source of the sabotage.

    Overall, sabotaging involves intentionally obstructing or damaging someone or something's progress, success, or well-being through various means, typically driven by negative motives or intentions.

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Etymology of SABOTAGING

The word "sabotaging" comes from the French word "sabotage". The noun "sabotage" was first used in the late 19th century in France, and it originally referred to the act of workers deliberately damaging or destroying machinery or equipment to protest against working conditions or to disrupt production. The term "sabotage" itself is believed to have derived from the French word "sabot", which means "wooden shoe". According to one theory, disgruntled workers would throw their wooden shoes, known as "sabots", into machinery to cause damage. This act of obstruction or disruption eventually came to be known as "sabotage", and the verb form "sabotaging" was derived from it.

Similar spelling word for SABOTAGING

Conjugate verb Sabotaging


I would sabotage
we would sabotage
you would sabotage
he/she/it would sabotage
they would sabotage


I will sabotage
we will sabotage
you will sabotage
he/she/it will sabotage
they will sabotage


I will have sabotaged
we will have sabotaged
you will have sabotaged
he/she/it will have sabotaged
they will have sabotaged


I sabotaged
we sabotaged
you sabotaged
he/she/it sabotaged
they sabotaged


I had sabotaged
we had sabotaged
you had sabotaged
he/she/it had sabotaged
they had sabotaged


I sabotage
we sabotage
you sabotage
he/she/it sabotages
they sabotage


I have sabotaged
we have sabotaged
you have sabotaged
he/she/it has sabotaged
they have sabotaged
I am sabotaging
we are sabotaging
you are sabotaging
he/she/it is sabotaging
they are sabotaging
I was sabotaging
we were sabotaging
you were sabotaging
he/she/it was sabotaging
they were sabotaging
I will be sabotaging
we will be sabotaging
you will be sabotaging
he/she/it will be sabotaging
they will be sabotaging
I have been sabotaging
we have been sabotaging
you have been sabotaging
he/she/it has been sabotaging
they have been sabotaging
I had been sabotaging
we had been sabotaging
you had been sabotaging
he/she/it had been sabotaging
they had been sabotaging
I will have been sabotaging
we will have been sabotaging
you will have been sabotaging
he/she/it will have been sabotaging
they will have been sabotaging
I would have sabotaged
we would have sabotaged
you would have sabotaged
he/she/it would have sabotaged
they would have sabotaged
I would be sabotaging
we would be sabotaging
you would be sabotaging
he/she/it would be sabotaging
they would be sabotaging
I would have been sabotaging
we would have been sabotaging
you would have been sabotaging
he/she/it would have been sabotaging
they would have been sabotaging


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