How Do You Spell SALLOWISH?

Pronunciation: [sˈalə͡ʊɪʃ] (IPA)

The word "sallowish" is spelled as s-a-l-l-o-w-i-s-h. It is pronounced as /ˈsæl.oʊɪʃ/, according to the IPA phonetic transcription. This word describes a complexion that is slightly yellow or sickly in appearance. It can also refer to something that appears jaundiced, pale, or weak. The spelling of this word is formed by combining the root word "sallow," which means yellowish in color, with the suffix "-ish," which means somewhat or slightly.

SALLOWISH Meaning and Definition

  1. Sallowish, an adjective, refers to the appearance or color reminiscent of sallow - a sickly, yellowish or pale hue of the skin or complexion. This term is derived from the word "sallow," which originally denoted a specific species of willow tree, Salix caprea, known for its yellow bark. Over time, the term evolved to describe a sickly or jaundiced complexion, often associated with illness, fatigue, or lack of vitality.

    When something is described as sallowish, it means that it has a slight or mild resemblance to a sallow complexion. It typically implies a pale or yellowish color, conveying a sickly or unwell appearance. This term can be used to describe various contexts, including describing a person's complexion, a painting's color palette, or even the appearance of a particular room or environment.

    However, it is important to note that the term "sallowish" should be used with caution, as it can carry a somewhat derogatory connotation. By associating something with a sickly appearance, it may imply a lack of health or vitality. Thus, it is essential to consider the context and sensitivity when using this word to avoid unintentionally offending or insulting others.

Common Misspellings for SALLOWISH

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Etymology of SALLOWISH

The word "sallowish" has its etymology rooted in the adjective "sallow".

"Sallow" originally derives from the Old English word "salu", which meant "dusky" or "dirty yellow". Over time, "sallow" became associated with a sickly or pale complexion, particularly when referring to a person's skin tone.

The "-ish" suffix added to "sallow" in "sallowish" is a common way to form adjectives, indicating a resemblance or likeness to the root word. Therefore, "sallowish" describes something that is somewhat sallow or has a faint suggestion of a sickly, yellowish hue.


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