How Do You Spell SANATORY?

The spelling of the word "sanatory" is often confused with "sanitary". The correct pronunciation of "sanatory" is /ˈsænətɔːri/ with the stress on the second syllable. The word is an adjective that describes something related to health and healing, such as a sanatory hospital or a sanatory treatment. It is important to note that "sanitary", pronounced /ˈsænɪtri/, is an adjective that refers to cleanliness and hygiene. While both words are similar, their meanings and pronunciations are distinct.

Common Misspellings for SANATORY

  • sanotary
  • aanatory
  • zanatory
  • xanatory
  • wanatory
  • sznatory
  • ssnatory
  • swnatory
  • sqnatory
  • sabatory
  • sajatory
  • sahatory
  • sanztory
  • sanstory
  • sanwtory
  • sanqtory
  • sanarory
  • sanafory
  • sanagory
  • sanayory

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