How Do You Spell SAREE?

Pronunciation: [sˈaɹiː] (IPA)

The word "saree" is a traditional Indian garment worn by women. Although it may be spelled as "sari" in English, the correct spelling in Hindi is "Saree" (साड़ी). The IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) transcription for "saree" is /særi/, indicating two syllables where the 'a' is pronounced as a short vowel sound (æ) and the 'i' is pronounced as a long vowel sound (i). The pronunciation is similar to the English word "sorry" but with a slight emphasis on the first syllable.

SAREE Meaning and Definition

  1. A saree is a traditional garment originating from the Indian subcontinent, particularly India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. It is a long piece of fabric, typically made from silk, cotton, or other materials, that is draped around the body in a specific manner to form a graceful and elegant attire. The saree is usually several meters in length and varies in width.

    The draping style of a saree involves wrapping it around the waist, with one end called the "pallu" or "pallav" hanging graciously over the shoulder. The pleats are tucked neatly into the waist to create a flowing drape, revealing the midriff in some variations. The pallu often features intricate designs, embroidery, or embellishments, enhancing its visual appeal.

    Sarees come in a myriad of colors, patterns, and designs, reflecting the diverse regional cultures within the Indian subcontinent. Each region has its distinctive weaving techniques, motifs, and embroidery styles, adding to the saree's rich aesthetic and cultural value. Sarees can be worn for a variety of occasions, from daily wear to weddings, festivals, parties, and formal events.

    The saree is not only a fashion statement but is also a symbol of cultural heritage, femininity, and grace. It carries with it a sense of tradition, history, and artistic craftsmanship. The versatility of the saree allows it to be draped in various ways, adapting to individual preferences and body types. It remains an intrinsic part of the Indian, Bangladeshi, and Sri Lankan culture, cherished and celebrated for its timeless beauty and elegance.

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Etymology of SAREE

The word "saree" is derived from the Sanskrit word "sati", which means a strip of cloth. Over time, it evolved into the Prakrit word "sadi" and eventually into the Hindi word "sari" or "saree". The term has been in use for centuries in the Indian subcontinent and is commonly used to describe a traditional garment worn by women.

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Plural form of SAREE is SAREES


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