How Do You Spell SAYS?

Correct spelling for the English word "says" is [s_ˈɛ_z], [sˈɛz], [sˈɛz]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of SAYS

  1. Ind. sd pers. sing. of SAY, v.

Anagrams of SAYS

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Usage Examples for SAYS

  1. " Look here, mother," says he, " did you read this?" - "Captivity and Restoration" by Mrs. Mary Rowlandson
  2. " Read what it says," replied the General. - "The Courier of the Ozarks" by Byron A. Dunn

What does says stand for?

Abbreviation SAYS means:

  1. State Agency for Youth and Sports
  2. South Asia Youth Summit

Conjugate verb Says


I would say
we would say
you would say
he/she/it would say
they would say


I will say
we will say
you will say
he/she/it will say
they will say


I will have said
we will have said
you will have said
he/she/it will have said
they will have said


I said
we said
you said
he/she/it said
they said


I had said
we had said
you had said
he/she/it had said
they had said


I say
we say
you say
he/she/it says
they say


I have said
we have said
you have said
he/she/it has said
they have said
I am saying
we are saying
you are saying
he/she/it is saying
they are saying
I was saying
we were saying
you were saying
he/she/it was saying
they were saying
I will be saying
we will be saying
you will be saying
he/she/it will be saying
they will be saying
I have been saying
we have been saying
you have been saying
he/she/it has been saying
they have been saying
I had been saying
we had been saying
you had been saying
he/she/it had been saying
they had been saying
I will have been saying
we will have been saying
you will have been saying
he/she/it will have been saying
they will have been saying
I would have said
we would have said
you would have said
he/she/it would have said
they would have said
I would be saying
we would be saying
you would be saying
he/she/it would be saying
they would be saying
I would have been saying
we would have been saying
you would have been saying
he/she/it would have been saying
they would have been saying