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Pronunciation: [skˈabɪə] (IPA)

The word "scabbier" is spelled with two Bs, as it is derived from the noun "scab", meaning a crusty or rough patch of skin. The pronunciation of the word is /ˈskæb.i.ər/, with emphasis on the second syllable. The "ie" vowel combination in the spelling reflects the sound of the short "i" sound followed by the unstressed "ər" vowel sound. The double "b" in the middle of the word ensures that the following vowel sound is not pronounced with a long or diphthong sound.

SCABBIER Meaning and Definition

  1. "Scabbier" is an adjective which describes something as being in a state of poor or deteriorating condition, typically referring to physical appearance or quality. It is derived from the noun "scab," which refers to a dried crust that forms over a wound during the healing process. The suffix "-ier" typically denotes a comparative form of the adjective, suggesting that the object or subject being described is in a worse state specifically in relation to being scabby.

    When applied to a person or an animal, "scabbier" implies that their skin or fur has various unattractive or unsightly features, such as roughness, sores, or scales. It can also indicate the presence of contagious skin conditions or infections that result in the formation of scabs or rashes. For inanimate objects, the term suggests wear and tear, often characterized by peeling paint, rust, faded colors, or other visible signs of decay or neglect.

    Furthermore, "scabbier" may be used metaphorically to describe non-physical states or traits, implying that something is becoming shabbier, less attractive, or less valuable over time. It can be used to convey a decline in quality, condition, or overall desirability. In summary, "scabbier" denotes a worsened state of appearance or quality, often associated with roughness, decay, or lack of care.

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