How Do You Spell SCANS?

Correct spelling for the English word "scans" is [skˈanz], [skˈanz], [s_k_ˈa_n_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SCANS

Below is the list of 145 misspellings for the word "scans".

Similar spelling words for SCANS

Anagrams of SCANS

4 letters

3 letters

Usage Examples for SCANS

  1. His eyes covered the street in two quick scans. - "Police Your Planet" by Lester del Rey
  2. We do not even know definitely how Shakespeare's and Goldsmith's plays were pronounced on the stage in the theatres of the time; while it is only a guess that perhaps Chaucer would sound much more modern than he scans. - "Edison, His Life and Inventions" by Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin

What does scans stand for?

Abbreviation SCANS means:

  1. Software for Computer Aided Neutron Scattering
  2. Secretarys Commision on Achieving Necessary Skills

Conjugate verb Scans


I would scan
we would scan
you would scan
he/she/it would scan
they would scan


I will scan
we will scan
you will scan
he/she/it will scan
they will scan


I will have scanned
we will have scanned
you will have scanned
he/she/it will have scanned
they will have scanned


I scanned
we scanned
you scanned
he/she/it scanned
they scanned


I had scanned
we had scanned
you had scanned
he/she/it had scanned
they had scanned


I scan
we scan
you scan
he/she/it scans
they scan


I have scanned
we have scanned
you have scanned
he/she/it has scanned
they have scanned
I am scanning
we are scanning
you are scanning
he/she/it is scanning
they are scanning
I was scanning
we were scanning
you were scanning
he/she/it was scanning
they were scanning
I will be scanning
we will be scanning
you will be scanning
he/she/it will be scanning
they will be scanning
I have been scanning
we have been scanning
you have been scanning
he/she/it has been scanning
they have been scanning
I had been scanning
we had been scanning
you had been scanning
he/she/it had been scanning
they had been scanning
I will have been scanning
we will have been scanning
you will have been scanning
he/she/it will have been scanning
they will have been scanning
I would have scanned
we would have scanned
you would have scanned
he/she/it would have scanned
they would have scanned
I would be scanning
we would be scanning
you would be scanning
he/she/it would be scanning
they would be scanning
I would have been scanning
we would have been scanning
you would have been scanning
he/she/it would have been scanning
they would have been scanning