How Do You Spell SCANTING?

Correct spelling for the English word "Scanting" is [skˈantɪŋ], [skˈantɪŋ], [s_k_ˈa_n_t_ɪ_ŋ]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for SCANTING

Below is the list of 78 misspellings for the word "scanting".

Anagrams of SCANTING

8 letters

  • scanting.

7 letters

6 letters

Usage Examples for SCANTING

  1. Having passed this river, the Governor came to a grove of pine trees, and threatened the youth, and made as though he would have cast him to the dogs, because he had told him a lie, saying, it was but four days' journey, and they had traveled nine, and every day seven or eight leagues, and the men by this time were grown weary and weak, and the horses lean through the great scanting of the maize. - "A Narrative of the expedition of Hernando de Soto into Florida published at Evora in 1557" by A Gentleman of Elvas

Conjugate verb Scanting


I would scant
we would scant
you would scant
he/she/it would scant
they would scant


I will scant
we will scant
you will scant
he/she/it will scant
they will scant


I will have scanted
we will have scanted
you will have scanted
he/she/it will have scanted
they will have scanted


I scanted
we scanted
you scanted
he/she/it scanted
they scanted


I had scanted
we had scanted
you had scanted
he/she/it had scanted
they had scanted


I scant
we scant
you scant
he/she/it scants
they scant


I have scanted
we have scanted
you have scanted
he/she/it has scanted
they have scanted
I am scanting
we are scanting
you are scanting
he/she/it is scanting
they are scanting
I was scanting
we were scanting
you were scanting
he/she/it was scanting
they were scanting
I will be scanting
we will be scanting
you will be scanting
he/she/it will be scanting
they will be scanting
I have been scanting
we have been scanting
you have been scanting
he/she/it has been scanting
they have been scanting
I had been scanting
we had been scanting
you had been scanting
he/she/it had been scanting
they had been scanting
I will have been scanting
we will have been scanting
you will have been scanting
he/she/it will have been scanting
they will have been scanting
I would have scanted
we would have scanted
you would have scanted
he/she/it would have scanted
they would have scanted
I would be scanting
we would be scanting
you would be scanting
he/she/it would be scanting
they would be scanting
I would have been scanting
we would have been scanting
you would have been scanting
he/she/it would have been scanting
they would have been scanting