How Do You Spell SCATTER RUG?

Scatter rug, also known as an area rug or accent rug, is a term used to describe a small carpet used to cover a specific area of a floor. The correct spelling of the word is [ˈskætər rʌɡ]. The 'sc' is pronounced as /sk/, the 'a' is pronounced as /æ/, the 't' is pronounced as /t/, the 'e' is pronounced as /ə/, and the 'r' is pronounced as /r/. The word 'rug' is pronounced with a short vowel sound /ʌ/. So next time you want to buy a scatter rug, remember its correct spelling!

Common Misspellings for SCATTER RUG

  • acatter rug
  • zcatter rug
  • xcatter rug
  • dcatter rug
  • ecatter rug
  • wcatter rug
  • sxatter rug
  • svatter rug
  • sfatter rug
  • sdatter rug
  • scztter rug
  • scstter rug
  • scwtter rug
  • scqtter rug
  • scarter rug
  • scafter rug
  • scagter rug
  • scayter rug
  • sca6ter rug
  • scatterrug

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