How Do You Spell SCONCE?

Correct spelling for the English word "sconce" is [skˈɒns], [skˈɒns], [s_k_ˈɒ_n_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for SCONCE

Plural form of SCONCE is SCONCES

39 words made out of letters SCONCE

3 letters

  • eos,
  • sen,
  • sec,
  • neo,
  • cos,
  • son,
  • ceo,
  • nsc,
  • cns,
  • con,
  • one,
  • nec,
  • eon,
  • ecc.

4 letters

  • once,
  • noce,
  • osen,
  • nose,
  • noes,
  • cons,
  • scen,
  • cone,
  • coen,
  • ones,
  • ecsc,
  • sone,
  • eons.

5 letters

  • censo,
  • conse,
  • onces,
  • cosec,
  • coens,
  • scone,
  • sconc,
  • cones,
  • cenco,
  • sonce,
  • secco,
  • ensco.

Conjugate verb Sconce


I would sconce
we would sconce
you would sconce
he/she/it would sconce
they would sconce


I will sconce
we will sconce
you will sconce
he/she/it will sconce
they will sconce


I will have sconced
we will have sconced
you will have sconced
he/she/it will have sconced
they will have sconced


I sconced
we sconced
you sconced
he/she/it sconced
they sconced


I had sconced
we had sconced
you had sconced
he/she/it had sconced
they had sconced


I sconce
we sconce
you sconce
he/she/it sconces
they sconce


I have sconced
we have sconced
you have sconced
he/she/it has sconced
they have sconced
I am sconcing
we are sconcing
you are sconcing
he/she/it is sconcing
they are sconcing
I was sconcing
we were sconcing
you were sconcing
he/she/it was sconcing
they were sconcing
I will be sconcing
we will be sconcing
you will be sconcing
he/she/it will be sconcing
they will be sconcing
I have been sconcing
we have been sconcing
you have been sconcing
he/she/it has been sconcing
they have been sconcing
I had been sconcing
we had been sconcing
you had been sconcing
he/she/it had been sconcing
they had been sconcing
I will have been sconcing
we will have been sconcing
you will have been sconcing
he/she/it will have been sconcing
they will have been sconcing
I would have sconced
we would have sconced
you would have sconced
he/she/it would have sconced
they would have sconced
I would be sconcing
we would be sconcing
you would be sconcing
he/she/it would be sconcing
they would be sconcing
I would have been sconcing
we would have been sconcing
you would have been sconcing
he/she/it would have been sconcing
they would have been sconcing