How Do You Spell SCORNS?

Correct spelling for the English word "scorns" is [skˈɔːnz], [skˈɔːnz], [s_k_ˈɔː_n_z]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SCORNS

Below is the list of 87 misspellings for the word "scorns".

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Anagrams of SCORNS

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Usage Examples for SCORNS

  1. 39. That head that once was crown'd with thorns, Shall now with glory shine; That heart that broken was with scorns, Shall flow with life divine; 40. That man that here met with disgrace, We there shall see so bright; That angels can't behold his face For its exceeding light. - "The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3" by John Bunyan
  2. And do they dare to bring this man whom the queen hates, whom she scorns, into relations with her? - "Marie Antoinette And Her Son" by Louise Muhlbach Official

Conjugate verb Scorns


I would scorn
we would scorn
you would scorn
he/she/it would scorn
they would scorn


I will scorn
we will scorn
you will scorn
he/she/it will scorn
they will scorn


I will have scorned
we will have scorned
you will have scorned
he/she/it will have scorned
they will have scorned


I scorned
we scorned
you scorned
he/she/it scorned
they scorned


I had scorned
we had scorned
you had scorned
he/she/it had scorned
they had scorned


I scorn
we scorn
you scorn
he/she/it scorns
they scorn


I have scorned
we have scorned
you have scorned
he/she/it has scorned
they have scorned
I am scorning
we are scorning
you are scorning
he/she/it is scorning
they are scorning
I was scorning
we were scorning
you were scorning
he/she/it was scorning
they were scorning
I will be scorning
we will be scorning
you will be scorning
he/she/it will be scorning
they will be scorning
I have been scorning
we have been scorning
you have been scorning
he/she/it has been scorning
they have been scorning
I had been scorning
we had been scorning
you had been scorning
he/she/it had been scorning
they had been scorning
I will have been scorning
we will have been scorning
you will have been scorning
he/she/it will have been scorning
they will have been scorning
I would have scorned
we would have scorned
you would have scorned
he/she/it would have scorned
they would have scorned
I would be scorning
we would be scorning
you would be scorning
he/she/it would be scorning
they would be scorning
I would have been scorning
we would have been scorning
you would have been scorning
he/she/it would have been scorning
they would have been scorning