How Do You Spell SCUBA?

Correct spelling for the English word "scuba" is [skjˈuːbə], [skjˈuːbə], [s_k_j_ˈuː_b_ə]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Common Misspellings for SCUBA

Below is the list of 64 misspellings for the word "scuba".

Similar spelling words for SCUBA

Plural form of SCUBA is SCUBAS

Definition of SCUBA

  1. a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water; scuba is an acronym for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus

Anagrams of SCUBA

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What does scuba stand for?

Abbreviation SCUBA means:

  1. Some Cool Underwater Bible Adventures
  2. Saw Clinton's Underwear By Ankles

Conjugate verb Scuba


I would scuba
we would scuba
you would scuba
he/she/it would scuba
they would scuba


I will scuba
we will scuba
you will scuba
he/she/it will scuba
they will scuba


I will have scubaed
we will have scubaed
you will have scubaed
he/she/it will have scubaed
they will have scubaed


I scubaed
we scubaed
you scubaed
he/she/it scubaed
they scubaed


I had scubaed
we had scubaed
you had scubaed
he/she/it had scubaed
they had scubaed


I scuba
we scuba
you scuba
he/she/it scubas
they scuba


I have scubaed
we have scubaed
you have scubaed
he/she/it has scubaed
they have scubaed
I am scubaing
we are scubaing
you are scubaing
he/she/it is scubaing
they are scubaing
I was scubaing
we were scubaing
you were scubaing
he/she/it was scubaing
they were scubaing
I will be scubaing
we will be scubaing
you will be scubaing
he/she/it will be scubaing
they will be scubaing
I have been scubaing
we have been scubaing
you have been scubaing
he/she/it has been scubaing
they have been scubaing
I had been scubaing
we had been scubaing
you had been scubaing
he/she/it had been scubaing
they had been scubaing
I will have been scubaing
we will have been scubaing
you will have been scubaing
he/she/it will have been scubaing
they will have been scubaing
I would have scubaed
we would have scubaed
you would have scubaed
he/she/it would have scubaed
they would have scubaed
I would be scubaing
we would be scubaing
you would be scubaing
he/she/it would be scubaing
they would be scubaing
I would have been scubaing
we would have been scubaing
you would have been scubaing
he/she/it would have been scubaing
they would have been scubaing