How Do You Spell SCYTHIAN?

Correct spelling for the English word "scythian" is [sˈa͡ɪθi͡ən], [sˈa‍ɪθi‍ən], [s_ˈaɪ_θ_iə_n]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Common Misspellings for SCYTHIAN

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Definition of SCYTHIAN

  1. a member of the ancient nomadic people inhabiting Scythia

Anagrams of SCYTHIAN

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Usage Examples for SCYTHIAN

  1. Even the Hun, wildest Tartar from the Scythian waste, was touched and softened in his wicker encampment amid Pannonian plains; but the Turk- wherever his scymitar reached- degraded, defiled, and defamed; blasting into eternal decay Greek, Roman and Latin civilisation, until, when all had gone, he sat down, satiated with savagery, to doze for two hundred years into hopeless decrepitude. - "The Faith of Islam" by Edward Sell
  2. Formerly it was the custom to bury slaves with emperors and princes and sometimes also their concubines alive; but this cruel practice has given way, in modern times, to the more harmless one of burning representations of their domestics in tin foil, cut into the shape of human beings, and of placing their statues in wood or stone upon their graves; this seems to be the remains of a Scythian or Tartar custom, which, according to Herodotus, was commonly observed at the funerals of their sovereigns, when their horses, their slaves, and their concubines were impaled alive and placed in order round the tyrant's tomb. - "Travels in China, Containing Descriptions, Observations, and Comparisons, Made and Collected in the Course of a Short Residence at the Imperial Palace of Yuen-Min-Yuen, and on a Subsequent Journey through the Country from Pekin to Canton" by John Barrow