How Do You Spell SDSS?

The spelling of "SDSS" is S-d-s-s with separate pronunciation of each letter. "S" is pronounced as /ɛs/, "d" is pronounced as /diː/, and "s" is pronounced as /ɛs/ again. The letters stand for "Sloan Digital Sky Survey," a major astronomical survey that maps the night sky in unprecedented detail. It uses innovative optical telescopes and advanced imaging technologies to observe billions of celestial objects, including stars, galaxies, and quasars. The SDSS has revolutionized our understanding of the universe and remains an essential tool for astronomers worldwide.

Common Misspellings for SDSS

  • sades
  • sdjs
  • zsdss
  • szdss
  • sdxss
  • sdzss
  • sdszs
  • sdsxs
  • sdses
  • sdwss
  • sdsws
  • sdssz
  • sdssx
  • sdsse
  • sdssw
  • s dss
  • sd ss
  • sds s

4 words made out of letters SDSS

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3 letters


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