How Do You Spell SEARED?

Correct spelling for the English word "seared" is [s_ˈiə_d], [sˈi͡əd], [sˈi‍əd]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Definition of SEARED

  1. Burned on the surface; hardened.

Anagrams of SEARED

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Common Misspellings for SEARED

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Usage Examples for SEARED

  1. His shirt was torn almost from his back, his features blackened and seared, and a red stain showed upon his chest. - "The Border Boys Across the Frontier" by Fremont B. Deering
  2. But it was a romance which served their turn; and to their seared consciences the death of an innocent man gave no more uneasiness than the death of a partridge. - "The History of England from the Accession of James II. Volume 1 (of 5)" by Thomas Babington Macaulay
  3. Our dear soldiers with their seared lungs, gasping on their " rustic" cots, seem grateful when, following in the major's footsteps, someone approaches them, and they look at the visitor with gentle eyes when he takes their hand. - "War" by Pierre Loti
  4. It was hot and dry and lay under a pitiless sun, a blazing white bone in the sky that seared the spare landscape. - "Life Blood" by Thomas Hoover
  5. He was mindful of his promise to the old man crowned, and flashed the Sword a strong flash, so that he who looked on it would be seared in the eyelashes. - "The Shaving of Shagpat, Complete" by George Meredith

Conjugate verb Seared


I would sear
we would sear
you would sear
he/she/it would sear
they would sear


I will sear
we will sear
you will sear
he/she/it will sear
they will sear


I will have seared
we will have seared
you will have seared
he/she/it will have seared
they will have seared


I seared
we seared
you seared
he/she/it seared
they seared


I had seared
we had seared
you had seared
he/she/it had seared
they had seared


I sear
we sear
you sear
he/she/it sears
they sear


I have seared
we have seared
you have seared
he/she/it has seared
they have seared
I am searing
we are searing
you are searing
he/she/it is searing
they are searing
I was searing
we were searing
you were searing
he/she/it was searing
they were searing
I will be searing
we will be searing
you will be searing
he/she/it will be searing
they will be searing
I have been searing
we have been searing
you have been searing
he/she/it has been searing
they have been searing
I had been searing
we had been searing
you had been searing
he/she/it had been searing
they had been searing
I will have been searing
we will have been searing
you will have been searing
he/she/it will have been searing
they will have been searing
I would have seared
we would have seared
you would have seared
he/she/it would have seared
they would have seared
I would be searing
we would be searing
you would be searing
he/she/it would be searing
they would be searing
I would have been searing
we would have been searing
you would have been searing
he/she/it would have been searing
they would have been searing