How Do You Spell SEKI?

The word "seki" is often encountered in the context of Japanese board games, such as Go or Shogi. Its spelling in the Roman alphabet may seem somewhat ambiguous, as there are different ways to represent its sounds. The correct pronunciation can be described with IPA phonetic transcription as [seki], where the "s" sounds like in "soap", the "e" is pronounced like in "bed", and the "k" is like in "kite". This spelling helps to distinguish "seki" from similar-sounding words in English.

Common Misspellings for SEKI

  • seaky
  • sicki
  • seky
  • sekie
  • sekee
  • secky
  • selki
  • zeki
  • xeki
  • s4ki
  • s3ki
  • sek8
  • aseki
  • saeki
  • zseki
  • szeki
  • xseki
  • sxeki
  • sdeki
  • sreki

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