How Do You Spell SELMA?

Pronunciation: [sˈɛlmə] (IPA)

The word "Selma" is a proper noun that refers to different cities and towns across the globe. Its spelling is derived from the Germanic language and can be phonetically transcribed as /sɛlmə/. The first sound is represented by 's' in English, followed by the short 'ɛ' sound, 'l' sound, and the short 'ə' sound. The 'm' sound is represented by the letter 'm', which concludes the transcription. The correct spelling of "Selma" is important to ensure effective communication and accurate identification of the intended location or person.

SELMA Meaning and Definition

  1. Selma is a proper noun that can refer to various places, people, and things. One of the most widely known references to Selma is the city in Alabama, United States. Located in Dallas County, Selma holds historical significance as it played a pivotal role in the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. The city gained widespread attention during the infamous Selma to Montgomery marches, which were significant for advocating for African American voting rights. These marches, led by prominent civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr., aimed to bring attention to racial injustice and promote equality.

    Additionally, Selma can also be a given name, primarily for females. It is of Old Norse origin and translates to "divinely protected" or "fair island". People named Selma are often described as compassionate, caring, and courageous individuals. Furthermore, Selma can also be a surname in some cultures.

    Moreover, Selma might also refer to other geographical locations worldwide. For instance, there is a town named Selma in California, USA, as well as rivers called Selma in the United States and Finland. In the field of entertainment, Selma is the title of a critically acclaimed historical drama film released in 2014, directed by Ava DuVernay, which showcases the events surrounding the Civil Rights Movement in Selma, Alabama.

    Overall, "Selma" encompasses a multifaceted term that denotes a city, personal name, surname, and various geographical features in different contexts.

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Etymology of SELMA

The word "Selma" has multiple origins and can be found in different languages with various meanings. Here are a few possible etymologies:

1. English/Irish: In English or Irish, "Selma" is believed to be derived from the Celtic word "selmo", meaning "peace" or "calmness". In this context, Selma refers to a state of tranquility.

2. Germanic: As a Germanic name, "Selma" is derived from the Old High German "sel" meaning "house" or "hall", and "ma" meaning "protection" or "fame". Therefore, Selma signifies a "protected hall" or a "famous protector".

3. Arabic: "Selma" is an Arabic name and can be written as سلمى (Salma).

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