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Pronunciation: [sˈɛn] (IPA)

The word "sen" has a simple, one-syllable spelling, but its pronunciation can vary depending on the language in which it's being spoken. In English, "sen" is typically pronounced as /sɛn/, with the "e" pronounced like the vowel in "let." In other languages, such as Swedish or Turkish, "sen" may be pronounced with a different vowel sound, representing the differences in those languages' phonetic systems. Regardless of its pronunciation, "sen" is a useful word with a variety of meanings, making it a valuable addition to any vocabulary.

SEN Meaning and Definition

  1. Sen is a noun that refers to a unit of Japanese currency, equivalent to one hundredth of a yen. It is used as a basic monetary denomination primarily for accounting purposes. The symbol for sen is "銭", which is typically affixed after the number to indicate the monetary value.

    Historically, the sen was also a physical coin in circulation in Japan during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These sen coins were made of various materials, including copper and nickel, and exhibited different designs and denominations. However, with the introduction of the decimal currency system in Japan in 1871, the yen became the primary unit of currency, and the sen was used as a fractional subdivision of yen until it eventually lost its physical presence.

    In modern times, the usage of sen is more commonly limited to the domain of finance and accounting, where it aids in calculating fractional values of yen, especially in electronic transactions. Given the relatively small value of sen, it is generally not utilized in daily transactions or represented by physical coins. However, it maintains significance within financial systems for precise calculations and record-keeping purposes.

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Etymology of SEN

The word "sen" has multiple meanings and origins depending on the context. Here are a few possible origins:

1. Sen (noun): a monetary unit of Vietnam:

- This usage of "sen" originates from the Vietnamese word "xuân", meaning "spring" or "young age". It was used to refer to a small value bronze or copper coin during the feudal period in Vietnam. Over time, it became associated with a unit of currency.

2. "Sen" as a Japanese name for lotus:

- In Japanese, the word "sen" (蓮) is used to refer to the lotus flower. It has its origin in the Chinese term "lian" (蓮), which also means lotus. The Japanese pronunciation "sen" derived from the Chinese pronunciation.


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Plural form of SEN is SEN


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