How Do You Spell SENSED?

The past tense form of "sense" is spelled as "sensed" /sɛnst/. In this word, the "s" is pronounced as /s/, the "e" is pronounced as /ɛ/ and the "n" is a nasal sound pronounced as /n/. The last two letters "s" and "ed" together produce a voiceless "t" sound pronounced as /t/. Spellings are important for clear communication and ensuring that words are properly understood. Correctly spelling words like "sensed" can help convey accurate meaning in written and spoken language.

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Conjugate verb Sensed


I would sense
we would sense
you would sense
he/she/it would sense
they would sense


I will sense
we will sense
you will sense
he/she/it will sense
they will sense


I will have sensed
we will have sensed
you will have sensed
he/she/it will have sensed
they will have sensed


I sensed
we sensed
you sensed
he/she/it sensed
they sensed


I had sensed
we had sensed
you had sensed
he/she/it had sensed
they had sensed


I sense
we sense
you sense
he/she/it senses
they sense


I have sensed
we have sensed
you have sensed
he/she/it has sensed
they have sensed
I am sensing
we are sensing
you are sensing
he/she/it is sensing
they are sensing
I was sensing
we were sensing
you were sensing
he/she/it was sensing
they were sensing
I will be sensing
we will be sensing
you will be sensing
he/she/it will be sensing
they will be sensing
I have been sensing
we have been sensing
you have been sensing
he/she/it has been sensing
they have been sensing
I had been sensing
we had been sensing
you had been sensing
he/she/it had been sensing
they had been sensing
I will have been sensing
we will have been sensing
you will have been sensing
he/she/it will have been sensing
they will have been sensing
I would have sensed
we would have sensed
you would have sensed
he/she/it would have sensed
they would have sensed
I would be sensing
we would be sensing
you would be sensing
he/she/it would be sensing
they would be sensing
I would have been sensing
we would have been sensing
you would have been sensing
he/she/it would have been sensing
they would have been sensing


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