How Do You Spell SEPTRIONAL?

The word "septentrional" is often misspelled as "septrional." The correct spelling comes from the Latin word "septentrionalis," meaning "of the north." It is pronounced as /sepˈtɛntriənəl/, with the stress on the third syllable. The IPA phonetic transcription highlights the different sounds of the letters in the word. The "t" comes before the "r" in the spelling to indicate that the "t" sound is pronounced before the "r" sound in the pronunciation.

Common Misspellings for SEPTRIONAL

  • aeptrional
  • zeptrional
  • xeptrional
  • deptrional
  • eeptrional
  • weptrional
  • swptrional
  • ssptrional
  • sdptrional
  • srptrional
  • s4ptrional
  • s3ptrional
  • seotrional
  • seltrional
  • se-trional
  • se0trional
  • seprrional
  • sepfrional
  • sepgrional

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