How Do You Spell SETS?

Correct spelling for the English word "sets" is [s_ˈɛ_t_s], [sˈɛts], [sˈɛts]] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

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Anagrams of SETS

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Usage Examples for SETS

  1. Deep- seated confidence is the mysterious spring that sets in motion the energy within us. - "The Simple Life" by Charles Wagner
  2. Now this is often just the operation of fear; it sets the threatenings against the promises, when it ought simply to direct the soul from the threatenings to the promises. - "The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3" by John Bunyan

What does sets stand for?

Abbreviation SETS means:

  1. School of Education The School
  2. Shuttle Electrodynamic Tether System

Conjugate verb Sets


I would set
we would set
you would set
he/she/it would set
they would set


I will set
we will set
you will set
he/she/it will set
they will set


I will have set
we will have set
you will have set
he/she/it will have set
they will have set


he/she/it set


I had set
we had set
you had set
he/she/it had set
they had set


I set
we set
you set
he/she/it sets
they set


I have set
we have set
you have set
he/she/it has set
they have set
I am setting
we are setting
you are setting
he/she/it is setting
they are setting
I was setting
we were setting
you were setting
he/she/it was setting
they were setting
I will be setting
we will be setting
you will be setting
he/she/it will be setting
they will be setting
I have been setting
we have been setting
you have been setting
he/she/it has been setting
they have been setting
I had been setting
we had been setting
you had been setting
he/she/it had been setting
they had been setting
I will have been setting
we will have been setting
you will have been setting
he/she/it will have been setting
they will have been setting
I would have set
we would have set
you would have set
he/she/it would have set
they would have set
I would be setting
we would be setting
you would be setting
he/she/it would be setting
they would be setting
I would have been setting
we would have been setting
you would have been setting
he/she/it would have been setting
they would have been setting